Sister Mary waits and cries

while daintily holding

her holy book of lies

she thinks back

to the time when she said

"Father keep me always."

even when i sin in my bed.

her heart is rotten

her sin uncured

she fears her sisters have forgotten

the faith she's previously procured.

Sister Mary waits and cries

while daintily holding

for her holy book of lies

She tries to snap out of it

for she is next in line

a confessional will surely cure this

insatiable urge she has from time to time.

Finally, she is next,

and her heart skips a beat,

she routinely prays to the Father

that it is her soul he should keep.

"What have you done?" the gruff voice behind the mesh asks.

she instantly begins

to list her sins (otherwise known as vast)

"Dear Pastor," she begins

"I have sinned

i have lied

i have even stolen,

yet i have not cried

i have tainted my bed

and stained my heart.

but is is from this very congregation,

that i wish to part.

you see, beyond this black suit i am forced to wear

i am a skinny little thing

with pretty blonde hair.

You may wonder why

it is your time i am wasting

but please let me explain to you

why i am being so hasty.

For six years now, i have dwelled in these holy walls

i have witnessed unspeakable sin

and one too many spiritual falls.

But you don't unstandstand,

this is all a stupid game,

i have have been fooled beyond reprimand,

and offer the following statements

with no shame.

I don't believe in a God above,

I don't believe in unconditional love.

i don't believe in the stories of old

i don't believe in all of those morals you told.

i can't believe i'm living this way.

but please Father,

it is my for my soul

i beg of you not to pray.

See, i have found the way of life,

the cure to sprititual strife.

It is to enjoy,

and not be held down by these invisible rules

you continue to deploy.

so you see Father,

i suppose this isn't a confessional at all

but if you feel bad for me,

i suppose it is your invisible God you can call.

and with this,

Sister Mary leaves the room

where she used to deem her future gloom.

She runs out of the church

feeling nothing less than flushed

and tries desperately to savor,

her beautiful rush.

She rips off black prison uniform

and lets down her hair,

telling herself

that the guilt isn't really there.

Sister Mary makes her way down the the street

where she barely has time to place down her feet,

barely has time because she has just been struck by a car

and in the emergency vehicle

is declared dead thus far.

Sister Mary stands and cries

and heartily wishing

for her holy book of lies.

She tries to snap out of it

for she is next in line

she reasons perhaps He should forgive her.

Just one more time.

Now Sister Mary cries is hell,

forever labeled,

"Sister Mary the Sinner."

and only wishes

it is her story she could tell.