I walked down the halls of my school with a scowl planted on my tanned face

I walked down the halls of my school with a scowl planted on my tanned face. This day couldn't have started worse! First, I woke up late and I'm pretty sure that I had missed my first two periods of school. Then, I needed to find my father. However, he was gone, but on his office desk there was a paper telling, Michelle and I, he was going to be doing some business in Paris! Wow dad thanks for taking your two only daughters that would love to go on a shopping spree in the place of romance. I could have met some cute French dude that would run away with me so I wouldn't have to be going through some tough shit with Chase. Anyway, my dad won't be home until tomorrow and that means that I won't be able to ask him what Nancy was talking about last night. I could always call him on his cell. On the other hand, the last time I did that , he was in a meeting. In other words, when you are in a meeting, you are banned from calling, unless its a serious emergency.

My friend, the one that had been in the picture with, walked over to me when he spotted me walking in the hall. The thing that Chase didn't know about him was that he's gay and would not be that interested in me. Yeah, no one in the school knew about him being gay but me. We didn't have to tell Chase that though.

"Hey Harper, looking good." He commented walking in step with me. I let out a little noise letting him know I heard him but he didn't really go for that. "Wow someone is having a great day." I glared but couldn't help but let a little smile break my face.

I stopped walking and threw myself into a locker screaming. "Take me I'm yours." He rolled his eyes and kept walking. "That good enough for you?" I called out. He waved a hand in the air and walked into the direction of the Principal's Office. He spent most of his time there. "See you at lunch Ben!"

I made my way to my locker to pick out some books that I would need and got out my math and Civics book. Two very boring subjects. When I got to my math class, the teacher stopped his lesson upon hearing me enter the room. I stood in front of the door and smiled at the teacher with a little wave.

"Mrs. Keegan do you have a reason for interrupting my class?" He asked with his glasses sneaking down his nose. My smile grew bigger as I stepped further into the room.

"Well Mr. Hoffman, I was having a dream about-."

"Enough! Take a seat and don't talk, like you normally do." I nodded and walked through the snickering kids desks to get to mine. When I got there I turned to my right to see my sister. She was bumped up to senior classes because of her 'smarts' as my dad says. She smirked at me as I sent her a dark glare.

"Thank you oh so much for making sure I was awake before leaving the house without me." I sneered sarcastically. She scratched her chin with the eraser of her pencil.

"No problem." She then turned back to the board to take some notes that Mr. Hoffman had written down. Thinking that was a good plan, I also copied some notes. Just thirty minutes of this class left then I'm out.

Surely enough the class had been pretty quick and ended quickly along with my next two classes. It was now lunch and I was more then happy to get out of a classroom. The first stop to take was my locker and I was intent on getting there fast so I could go to the lunch room. Sadly there was a surprise waiting there for me. As I reached my locker something tall, tan, and, annoying guy was waiting.

"What the hell!" I exclaimed as soon as I reached it. His head snapped into my direction but when he saw it was me his frown turned into a conceited smirk.

"Already screaming out for me?" He pondered walking close to me. I shuddered and backed away.

"Chase what are you doing at my school?" I asked with annoyance and anger all at once. He smiled and watched me go into my locker and replace my books from my hand with two new ones. When I finished he grabbed them from my hands and closed my locker. I sighed deeply then grabbed the books back, but not before shoving him in the chest.

"Don't play rough, not until the wedding night. And I need to be here. One, because I need to make sure nobody makes a move on you. Two, our fathers agreed because this arrangement wasn't a sure thing I would be moving in with you and spending more time with you so that you choose the right decision in the end. Me." He smiled after his little rant and my jaw dropped.

Did he just say he was going to be living with me?

"What do you mean by moving in?" My voice cracked with surprise.

He slung an arm around my shoulders as we made our way to the lunch room. "What I mean is that I, being me, am moving in with you, at your house." I scoffed and shrugged his arm away from me. Ewww it touched me.

"This is not happening!" I exclaimed and turned on my heels going the opposite way of the cafeteria.

"Isn't the food in there?" He asked pointing to some doors. When I didn't answer I guess he though it was okay to follow me because that is what started to happen. When I reached the parking lot I used my button on my key chain to unlock it and then went into my car.

I gave a glare and sat back in my seat. "Out." I stated.

"I don't think so, you are my ride home and there for, I go where you go." I let out a frustrated noise and started the car. As we were driving I took my cell phone out and called my father knowing that would not make him happy.

"Daddy!" I yelled when he answered.

"What happened! Is someone hurt!?" He asked frantic.

"I am! Who said that Chase was going to be living with us? I never was told this! And now he's in my car!" I yelled only to hear a sigh come from my father and snickers come form the idiot sitting next to me. I sent another glare to him before paying attention to the road and my father.

"Honey, what was the deal about not calling unless there was an emergency?" He asked with strain in his voice.

"This is an emergency!" I cried out.

"I will talk to you when I get home and that is it. See you tomorrow sweetie. Love you." He hung up the phone before I could say something back.

"I still want to know why we left the school." Chase said leaning back into the seat and playing with the button that caused the window to go up and down.

"Enough!" I exclaimed angrily. He stopped what he was doing and put his feet up on the dash board. "We left the school because I don't need you telling everyone why you were there." Shouldn't he have known this?

"You don't have to worry about that, people already asked about me and I told them something totally different then what was going on." I sighed in relief and waited for him to continue. And he did. "Yeah, I told them that I was your boyfriend and I proposed to you. You of course said yes." I would have maybe let out a little laugh if he was joking but something about his tone of voice scared the shit out of me. So I slammed on the brakes. Thank god there was no cars behind us.

"What the hell!" I yelled reaching over and smacking him.

"Hey what was I supposed to say? What would you rather me say?" He had a point there. But I would rather him say nothing at all. Damn him.

"You do not know what you have done. You have just ruined my status at school. How will people react to me getting married huh?" I questioned still looking at him. He shrugged.

"I don't know but they won't shun you or anything. I mean look at me. I think I'm pretty damn hot, no I am damn hot, so they will be more jealous than freaked about you getting married to me." He said with a smug look on his face.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "There is still a problem Chase, my best friends! They will feel so betrayed by me not telling them something like that!"

"Make something up then! It's not the end of the world Harper." He moved his hand and turned on the radio. I let out a frustrated sigh and started moving the car again,

How is school going to be tomorrow? There are so many things people are going to ask me, I don't even know where to start. The first thing that comes to mind is Ben. We tell each other everything since we were four and I don't see this going easy.


When I got home I rapidly got out of my car and slammed the door. As I moved fastly into the house, Chase took his time and exited the car as if nothing was bothering him. Not like anything should be bothering him. He isn't having his life shredded into pieces. When I got into the house I walked into the direction to the kitchen. Like usual I found Nancy doing some dishes.

"Honey, what are you doing home?" She asked looking over as she dried some plates.

I let out a huff. "Did you know Chase is staying here?" I asked, getting to the point.

"Yes I did." My mouth went agape.

"You knew and didn't tell me!?" I exclaimed walking over to her. She nodded with a sad smile.

"It wasn't my place to tell you dear, your father wanted to." Well that makes a difference. Not.

"This is so stupid! I don't want him here and I really doubt that he wants to be here." I reached over and grabbed some plates that were dry and started to help her put them away. I wasn't heartless and I could help around if I wanted to.

"Look I know that this is something that you are not looking forward to. And I truly don't blame you for that. Just try your best to get along with Chase." She looked at me and I nodded. There was no way that was going to happen, only when Nancy was around.

"Well I guess that I'm going to go to my room and do nothing." I let out a sigh and walked up the stairs. When I got to my room I opened the door and my eyes grew wide at what I saw. There were suitcases on my floor and Chase was lying down on my bed with his hands behind his head and he was watching my TV.

"Excuse me but what the hell do you think you are doing in my room?" I yelled standing in front of the TV where his show was playing.

"Yeah I can't see with you in the way so if you could move a little to the left, or the right whatever you prefer." I scoffed and turned around hitting the power button.

"I am going to ask you this again, what the fuck are you doing in my bedroom, and with you suitcases?" He looked a little taken back by my screaming but brushed it off and gave me a cheeky smile.

"Well this is my bedroom." He said looking serious. And the thing that scared me the most is that he was.

"Better think again buddy, this is my room and I am not giving it up for someone and going to another room. You can take a guest room." I told him crossing my arms.

"Well if I take a guest room then you are going to be coming with me. Part of the deal my beautiful bride is that we share a room. So even though I really hate the idea of staying in this room, I thought I would be nice thinking that you would be more comfortable sleeping in your bed." I let out a shriek.

"You really like to ruin my life don't you?" I asked sitting at the chair in front of my laptop. He shook his head, rolling his eyes.

I turned on my light purple laptop and waited for it to load. When it did I decided to log onto my screen name. I saw on my buddy list my sister was logged on and didn't have an away message up. I though maybe she forgot to turn it off. I double clicked on her screen name.

xoHarperxo: You monkey licker, you left! Where are you on AIM?

Shellyxbear: Wow thanks for calling me names. And dip shit I'm on.

xoHarperxo: why are you on, if you're in class, what teacher do you have right now?

Shellyxbear: I have Mrs. "I'm so hot but blind because I don't notice anything"

xoHarperxo: Oh you have Mrs. Nolan?

Shellyxbear: Yeah. Oh shit I need to go! My essay just got deleted.

I laughed as she sighed off and I followed soon after. When I turned around Chase was looking at me and it kinda creeped me out. I glared at him and he looked away.


Hours later and must past dinner I decided to change into my clothes for the night. I walked into my closet and this caused Chase to follow.

"Holy hell, why do you have all this space for a closet?" He asked looking around the room. I shrugged and went over to my pajamas section.

"When you have this many things you need a lot of space to keep it all." He nodded and walked over to the section that I was going through. I rolled my eyes and grabbed some pajama pants and a tank top. I instructed Chase to leave the closet and I locked the door before changing. When that was done I walked out of the room to see Chase on the bed.

"Floor now!" I pointed to the floor and he shook his head. He stood and that's when I noticed he had no shirt on. Only basketball shorts. I stared at his six pack as he leaned over the bed and dragged the top of the covers down. He then inserted himself into my bed.

Now what do I do?


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