"Will you have sex with me?"

Shy, was not an adjective used to describe either of the Pierce twins. Brandon had once herd Rozel strike up a conversation with five guys by asked who had the biggest penis. So it didn't come as a surprise to hear that question coming from Tannis. Having it directed at him was.

"Excuse me?" Brandon asked nervously. He glanced around and confirmed his thought that Tannis had to be talking to him. There was no one else close enough for Tannis to have been talking to.

"I asked you, if you would have sex with me?" Tannis repeated Harlequin eyes running up and down Brandon; he reached up with one slim, pale hand and brushed his carmine hair out of his eyes.

Brandon shifted uncomfortably under those eyes. He knew his vivid violet eyes did attract attention but the rest of him utterly plain. Most of the students at school were either brunets or blondes as Brandon was. On his best days he described his hair as golden. His face was plain, rather boring but thankfully blemish free. He was of an average height with a skinny body, no mussel but without any flab either. He wore slightly baggy jeans, sneakers and a large grey t-shirt with black words reading 'Fair Production Team 2007'.

"Uh… why?" Brandon asked wondering why out of all the people in school, Tannis choose to ask Brandon this. He couldn't have slept with everyone else already had he?

"Do I need a reason?" Tannis's arching eyebrows slowly drew closer to his eyes as Tannis glared at him. Obviously put off by Brandon's refusal to answer his original question. Silently Brandon studied Tannis. He knew that deceptively slim body held a lot of strength, as he'd seen when Tannis was feeling nice enough to stop the jocks beating on the little people. He had long lashes Brandon had herd girls swear they'd kill for and large beautiful eyes. He had high cheek bones and a small up tilted nose. His mouth was naturally red and constantly swollen as if he'd just been sucking face with someone, which he constantly was. He wore painted on black jeans and a tight red sleeveless top which showed off his mussels nicely.

"Yes, you do" Brandon told him.

"I… like you" Tannis said jerkily. Each word ripped out of him angrily. Brandon blinked at him blankly for a moment.

"You… can't"

"Can't? Why not? How are you to tell me what I can and can't feel?"

"Uh… I mean… how can you? You don't even know me" Brandon explained trying to calm Tannis down.

"And how do you know I don't?" Tannis asked. Brandon hesitated then desided to be honest. After all, wasn't that was Tannis was supposed to be doing?

"Because I've been watching you" he said bluntly. He hurried on as Tannis's eyes had widened incredulously. "I always am. That's why I'm failing science, 'cause your in that class and I'm always staring at you. You've never looked at me"

"You're in my Science class?" Tannis asked surprise and Brandon felt like someone had stabbed him with a knife. Obviously Tannis was lying, otherwise how could he not know Brandon was in his class? "I-I didn't mean it like that" Tannis said.

"No?" Brandon couldn't help but ask. He shut his books spread out on the table and pilled them up, getting ready to leave. He didn't want to stay here and listen to Tannis's lies.

"I don't pay much attention in science. I wouldn't notice if the teacher stripped down and did the tango on her desk" Tannis's voice sounded kind of panic as he watched Brandon pack up "Brandon-" He started.

"So you know my name? Wow" Brandon said bitterly dropping his books in his bag and getting up to leave. Tannis hurried around the table and grabbed Brandon's arm.

"You have an older sister named Alessandra and you live in 45 Gretchen Ave. You want to be a forensic scientist and like to write storied about dead people. You like to volunteer for school and out-of-school activities. You worked the Ferris wheel last year at the Fair but you really wanted to work the 'coaster. Your best friends are Vanessa Kale and Sky Ransiel. Your last name is Brandit and your favourite show is CSI. You were also in the props group last year for the production and in the sound and lighting crew the year before. You ride to school each morning on a navy blue bike with a black helmet. You like to stop at the candy store on your way home and are good friends with the girl that works there. You work at the 'Pale Bakery' both out front and out back. When you work in the kitchen you wear a Beige apron saying 'Here fishy'. You like to read romances, fantasies, horrors and actions" Tannis blurted. By the end he was looking slightly sick having hardly taken any breaths when speaking. He now gasped in big breaths of air. Brandon gapped at him.

"What… how do you know all that?" The tips of Tannis's ears turned red as did the tips of his cheek bones.

"Iskroud" he mumbled when he'd caught his breath.


"I asked around" Tannis clarified.

"Oh" Brandon stared at Tannis silently. Tannis did the same not knowing what to do. He hadn't meant to blurt it all out but he'd panicked when he'd seen Brandon leaving.

"Uh…" Tannis went trying to think of something to say.

"You really like me huh?" Brandon said softly. Tannis blushed again and looked away. Brandon found himself smiling and stepped closer to Tannis. Reaching out he touch Tannis's arm and watched Tannis's head swing round to look at him.

"You know what?" He asked Tannis.

"What?" Tannis said warily.

"I think I will have sex with you. But not right now. At least not till our third date"