Water Lily
Azena Kira

Sparkling light
Danced along the waterfall
Causing shimmering mirrors of raindrops
Which landed on the little human
Who lay under the protection of the lily
Watching the dances of blue

Her own tiny dress dyed blue
Against the reflections of the light
Ironically, her name is Lily
She has lived in shelter of the waterfall
Not sure if she is her only kind of Human
She looks up through the raindrops

Her eyes following the raindrops
That fall back into the blue
Water at the feet of a larger human
That seems to glow in the light
He steps under the waterfall
And his foot lightly grazes the lily

Causing Lily
To end up among the raindrops
The boy stepped towards the waterfall
Causing trickling streams of blue
His eyes trailed down to something in the light
That appeared to be a miniature Human

She cast her eyes up towards the giant Human
As she climbed back onto the lily
She glanced up into the light
As the man bent down among the raindrops
He scooped by the flower in the blue
Burnished reflection of the waterfall

Echoing the resemblance of the waterfall
He stared down at the Human
That seemed to glow blue
"My name is Lily"
He heard among the raindrops
As his saw the fairytale light

The Lily and the Human from then on lived together
Not among the light of the waterfall, but in a new place
Still full of raindrops that glistened blue in the sun