Chapter 9: Beef Injections

It wasn't a surprise to me to walk up to the wrought iron gates of the Hart residence and be searched like a criminal.

It also didn't surprise me that Maxim stood down at the foot of his extended driveway, hand in his pants and making faces at me as the guard searched down through my thighs. I rolled my eyes at him and watched a small smirk spread across his face, a dimple on the right side just visible.

It was routine. I was searched every time I appeared at the gate of the Hart residence, and Maxim acted like it was a cheap grope-fest. Typical. He took my hand and led me up the long driveway and into his joke of a house, the one that made mine look like a barn. He wandered down a few hallways, weaving in and out of doorways, me trailing behind.

"Maxim, where the hell are we going?" I hissed. He looked at me from behind his shoulder, winked, and put a finger over his lips to 'shush' me. The next thing I knew it was dark, and I was pushed up against a wall, Maxim's pelvis even with the bottom of my rib cage. The height difference really never sunk in.

"Promise me that you'll be on your best behavior?" he said, leaning his forehead up against mine.

"Maxim, what are you talking about?"

"No time for words," he said and yanked my arm again, pushing a side door that opened into the grand dining room. Maxim and I stood in the threshold, my mouth falling open. It wasn't the crystal chandelier, or the twenty seat cherry wood table with large candles illuminating the room on either end of the table, or the gorgeously crafted and painted maroon walls. It was his parents eating at the south end of the table.

"Max, there's no way I can do this," I said trying to pull away. He stood still, his face expressionless. He took no note to what I had just said and walked forward to the table, trailing me behind.

"Mom, Dad, this is Angela," he said, his voice quivering. His parents didn't move an inch. I looked at Maxim's profile, his eyebrows knotted in frustration.

"Mom! Dad!" Maxim yelled. His father lifted his head from his computer, and turned his gaze towards mine. James Hart was nothing less than dapper. He still had deep chestnut hair, his eyes twinkling in the candlelight. He shot me a smile, one identical to Maxim's knee-melter. Low and behold, the right side dimple intact.

"James Hart, nice to meet you Angela," he said, extending a hand to me. I shook it and smiled, the pleasure being mine. James went back to his computer, typing away furiously on what seemed like a spreadsheet. His mother turned it me, laying a hand on my shoulder.

"It really is a pleasure to meet you Angela, Maxim doesn't bring many girls to come meet us," she said with a smile, introducing herself as Dianne. She was a wonderfully aged woman, strawberry blonde hair lying in curls at her shoulders. She was a woman of old and new money dutifully earned and spent. She gave me a small hug, and then turned back to put her glasses on her nose. No sooner had she finished her sentence, Max had taken me by the wrist and was pulling me up out of the room and up a secluded staircase.

"Max, what the hell was all of that about?" I asked, stopping in the middle of the staircase. He kept going without me.

"Maxim!" I yelled, seeing him stop in his tracks. He turned around, walked down several stairs to face me.

"I wanted you to meet my parents, is that alright with you?" he sneered.

"What purpose did that serve? You have girls here nightly, I'm no different," I said, folding my arms. His nose was now touching mine, his eyes slanted into tiny slits.

"Yeah, you think?" he spat and then grabbed my hand again and led me up and out of the stairwell and into a navy blue colored hallway. We turned left and he opened a door at the very end of the hall and pushed.

I stepped into Maxim Hart's bedroom, expecting to see sex swings, mirrors, and toys galore. The walls were a rich cream color, his bed in the center wall draped with café colored canopy covers. A fireplace sat in the east side of the room where there was a window that overlooked the coast. Several couches and a coffee table were gathered around the fireplace, a flat screen sat above the fireplace. A desk and the door to his walk-in closet were set at the west end, a small marble bar to the south end, wall lamps pooling dim lighting in to the cozy room. It was endless, and everything I hadn't expected.

Our eyes met. "What?" he asked, his tone had moved from stern to concerned.

"It's nothing, I was expecting swings and dildos to come from the walls," I said, folding my arms across my chest. He smiled.

"There's another room for that, the sex room," he said, licking his lips. I rolled my eyes.

"Why did you bring me here, Max?" I asked quietly, not sure where to sit or stand. He walked over to where he was standing on the opposite end of the room, grabbed my hands, and led me over to his bed.

"Oh no, if you think that's what I came here for you've got something else coming, buddy. This is just a business agreement," I said, trying to pull away. He smiled and let out a low chuckle.

"Darling, if I wanted to administer a hot beef injection into your deli, I would've done it by now," he said. I raised an eyebrow at him and tried not to laugh.

"You came here to teach me to be less of a pompous moron, says uptight and prude you," he scoffed. There was ample space between us; I sank into his bed trying to move away.

"I am not uptight or prude," I said, my mouth hanging open.

"Oh really? Bet you wouldn't mount me, right here, right now." I sat for a second, the expression on Maxim's face completely serious. He was laying against his plethora of cream and white pillows that littered the king size bed; the canopy drapes creating a room of our own.

"There's no one watching," he whispered. From where I was sitting, I crawled on all fours to where he was laid. Ever so slowly, I slithered my way up to meet his gaze, my legs straddled over his elongated body. Maxim's mouth was open, his eyes wide.

"See, not prude," I purred into his ear. His eyes were still wide, darting back between mine.

"We'll see about that," he groaned and took a fistful of my hair, bringing my face down onto his. It had been a few days since Maxim and I had kissed, the burning sensation of his soft lips on mine returning. I had been yearning to dissolve into him again. He was gentle, moving in sync with me. Our bodies were as close as they could be; he was holding me as tight as possible. Electric currents ran through my veins, giving me chills everywhere he touched. I was melting into him, wanting nothing more than for him to touch me and make me scream. What was I thinking?

"Maxim, we need to stop," I said, pulling away. He was panting, lust in his eyes and his mouth parted slightly, his lips swelled from pressure.

"No, we don't," he said flipping me over onto my back. He was in control, pinning me down.

"Yes, we do," I interjected. He held my hands above my head; I really had no way out. Not like I was complaining. Maxim's once horny expression turned soft, I secretly wished other places would turn soft as well but I knew that wasn't happening anytime soon.

"Alright, love. Why must we stop the rubbing and grinding?" he asked.

"I want to know why you had me meet your parents, and why your Mom said it rarely happens," I trailed. Maxim's brows furrowed, I could see him trying to dance around the question mentally.

"Well babe, its mainly so they can place the moans with the face," he said, a smirk cracking over his face in the dim light. I frowned slightly, Maxim let out a low chuckle.

"Okay, okay, it was because I wanted you to. Is that acceptable?"

I studied his face for a moment. Not only was lying underneath him, but he still had my arms above his head. He was searching my face for some form of a response, but I had none. If this was a business agreement, were the now feelings becoming involved? I swore to myself silently.

"Well in that case I'll be resuming what we were doing two minutes ago," he said, lowering his face down before I could even answer.

I wasn't sure whether to feel flattered or scared, my chest growing with affection for his vulnerability. This wasn't the Maxim Hart I had signed up for, this was more. I let him lean down and kiss me a few more times, but much slower.

It wasn't like a usual passionate kiss between us, it was sensual and soft. He slowly moved his lips against mine, snaking a hand behind my head and holding it gently, the other hand cupping my chin. He held me there for several seconds, not breaking the kiss. His breathing had slowed and when he broke the kiss he stopped and stared.

"So?" he asked, still waiting for praise to his previous answer. My head was spinning, my chest burning for more touching from him.

"You're telling me that you wanted me to meet them, but you don't have any intentions of putting emotions into our agreement?"

He gritted his teeth and looked to the left. "Darling, you're only doing your job by making me more soft and less of a douche. So it's safe to say that I'm more in touch with my emotions, just not directly with you," he said with a coy smile. Anger ran through my veins, boiling my blood within seconds. You could put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day the pig was still a pig.

"Have you learned nothing?" I seethed at him, a blank stare occupied his gorgeous face.

"Not really, I've learned that you're an insane cock-block and a tease and that's about all," he said raising his voice.

"Oh is that all? I think I might be the only person that hasn't spread wider than a tub of butter for you, and you hate knowing that I have your every single move mapped out," I said, sending him back one of his smirks.

"You don't know shit about me, and I know for a fact your uptight little ass is a genuine freak in the sheets," he spat. This was true, despite my one and only relationship – I had some experience under the belt. But not enough to parade around and act like I knew everything about erotica, because I didn't. Maxim didn't need to know what I could and could not do with his member.

"Really, you're so confident that you know how I am? That's beyond false. I think you're so scared of putting feelings where your pecker is that with every chance you get you fuck and go. God forbid you spend time with the girl and let feelings evolve, you fuck faster than rabbits, Maxim," I cooed. The anger was boiling and the vein on his forehead had begun to pop. I was saying all the wrong things at the right time, and by God did he need to hear it.

Maxim moved from leaning on top of me to sitting, his hands balled into fists. I immediately regretted what I had said to him, fearing that I may have pissed him off a little too much.

"You really wanna know what I think?" he hissed.

"I really do, educate me, Professor Penis," I spat back at him, using his pet names that were revolting. He leaned in closer as I sat up, now freed from his trap.

"I think that you're a cock tease and need to be punished for it," he said, the candles on the other side of the room catching light in his eyes of the dimly lit room.

It took a minute for me to realize what he said and twist it sexually. Before I had enough time to think, I was on my back again with my wrists above my head and his mouth was on top of mine.

It was a heat of the moment, passion-filled, heart-racing kiss that I had been used to. My insides were melting and my skin felt like it was on fire. Maxim ripped his shirt off, keeping one hand on my wrists and the other throwing his shirt off the bed. I sank into the mattress, my bones dissolving as his lips moved from mine, to my jawline, and finally down my neck. I let a small moan escape and he stopped what he was doing.

"Yeah you like that, baby?" he asked, a smile had erupted all over his face.

"Not a chance, now get off," I said. Both his chest and mine were heaving a million times a minute, and all he could do was stare at me. I was propped up on my elbows while he sat on his knees a few feet away. A few seconds of silence and the passion came to a dull roar, neither of us said a word.

Maxim cleared his throat. "So now that my dick's hard, when are you going to let me draw you?"

He pulled that right out of thin air, and I had completely forgotten his zest for wanting to draw me naked. I shook my head to clear my brain of what had just happened, my lips still swollen from his rough kiss.

It took me a few seconds to gather my thoughts, trying to think of a smartass remark to throw him off. "We never agreed to letting you draw me naked."

"Ah, but it was inferred sweetheart, and Maxim gets what Maxim wants," he said, a smirk forming on the right side of his face.

"You can't have me, and for the last time we never officially agreed to me stripping naked so you can go get your dick wet somewhere else," I said. His eyes shone at the words I had just said, wrong move on my part.

"I'll make you a deal," he said.

"I'm all ears, Max."

"We can forget this whole you trying to make me friends, because I can do that on my own. I won't hold any other obligations to you, if you let me draw you. Right here, right now."

"I'm not buying it," I said. He was still an asshole and deserved to suffer, not to mention he was still going to Homecoming with that slut.

"Alright fine, let me draw you right now and I wont bother you ever again, come on Ange, take a chance for once! You're always in control, enough of us fighting. Share one night with me," he pleaded. His face had transformed from once pissed off, to soft now. I couldn't tell if he really wanted to do this or to just have me make a fool of myself.

I don't know why I even considered it, or why I weighed the pros and cons in my head of letting Maxim see me naked. Hell, I was furious with him for ignoring his feelings for me – if he had any at all, and then calling me a tease and for myself enjoying it.

"Alright," I said, immediately regretting it. Maxim's face drained and his mouth fell open.

"Wh-what?" he stammered.

"I said fine, but on MY conditions. No one sees this drawing, I will be tastefully drawn, and there will be no touching while I am unclothed," I said slowly. An ordinary night of Maxim terrorizing me had turned into a passion soaked romp, which now was going to be a sensual bonding experience like we had weeks ago. I hated myself for giving in to him.

"Is that all?" Maxim purred, a smile now formed on his luscious lips. I nodded.

"Yes!" he said, jumping off the bed in an instant. The wheels were turning in his head as he began preparation for this fiasco. He ran over to the end of his extremely large room and draped a silk blanket over a cream crushed couch in the corner of the room. There was a fire lit as well, dim but not enough to overshadow the candles that were floating around the various parts of his room. From the other half of his room was a small freestanding marble bar; he pulled out a small bottle of white wine that had been chilled, as well as two glasses.

"I'll only have a few sips to loosen my nerves, but I am not drinking all of it," I assured him. He nodded and poured two glasses. Maxim then fixed the fire and grabbed a remote from off the near by coffee table. Within seconds came on Norah Jones again, reminiscent of him taking me out to his boat.

Maxim looked over his shoulder and smiled at me. I knew he had ulterior motives but for some reason it didn't bother me. Opening up the window, the sea breeze came spilling into the dimly lit room, lifting the long drapes slightly in the wind. He grabbed a large sketchpad from behind his desk on the north end, and a few pencils. I remained on his cushioned bed, nerves eating away at my stomach.

"Baby, are you ready?" Maxim said softly, acting like it was my first time all over again. I shook my head, unable to make any words. He sat down on the couch opposite of the fireplace, legs propped on the coffee table. The firelight pooled across the small alcove of the room it was positioned in, he seemed so far away from where I was sitting. Maxim motioned for me to come over, and I did reluctantly.

"Having second thoughts?" he whispered as I sank down next to him. The fireplace shadowed half of his face in a glow, his eyes twinkling.

"Of course I am, I was trying to be rebellious before and now I realize that it's stupid," I said looking at my palms in my lap. Maybe I really was prude and uptight like he had been insisting for so long.

"You need to throw caution to the wind and do something for you for once, when can you say anyone has ever asked this of you, and it's just me," he said, turning the sketchpad over to get a new sheet of the large and coarse paper.

"That's exactly the problem," I said. In the short amount of time I had known him, from the beginning of the year until now, he had known me better than my own parents probably did.

"Don't think, just do," Maxim said, planting a small kiss on my forehead. Norah turned into classical and the slow drift of piano loomed over my head as I stood up. I took a few sips of the wine, its tangy and sweet taste sent shivers through my body.

"Wait, I have an idea," he said, jumping up abruptly. I watched with the glass in my hand, feeling more adventurous and sipped a little more. Maxim moved the couch that was in front of the fireplace, draping the silk blanket on the floor on top of the rug that was underneath the slew of couches and the coffee table.

"Instead of the couch, lay down for me," he said. Apparently he was taking this seriously, and I was still clothed. Reluctantly, I stood where he wanted me. He resumed his spot on the couch, the fire crackling behind me.

"Can you not watch?" I asked, suddenly feeling way too self-conscious. Maxim had a blank stare on his face, the firelight framing his gorgeous face. He nodded his head and closed his eyes, covering his face. I could see a smirk erupt through the cracks in his fingers, the bastard was back.

My breathing became low and shallow, my heart in my throat and the butterflies in my stomach fluttering so fast. I couldn't believe I was doing this, and Maxim Hart, of all people, was going to see me from head to toe, absolutely butt ass naked.

I turned around so all he could see was my backside, still clothed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Ever so slowly, I removed the oversized cream sweater over my head, carefully cradling my long hair so it wouldn't get tousled. Keeping the camisole on underneath, I could feel my hands shaking as I moved to my jeans. I peeled those off slowly, putting them to the side next to my sweater.

I was standing in front of Maxim, in nothing but lace panties and a camisole, shaking like I was having a seizure. Never had I thought this day would come, nor was I even comfortable as of now. I could see him peeking through his fingers, smiling more and more with every article of clothing I removed. His breathing was becoming more ragged as well, his chest moving fast. It wasn't just me that was nervous.

I took one final breath and lifted the camisole over my head, now exposing the whole backside of my torso to Maxim. I heard him take in a breath sharply as I threw the cami to the side. A million thoughts ran through my head, over and over, I was going to be naked after one more article of clothing.

This was it. My hair covered half of my back, but that didn't cover everything. My breathing was ragged, I was trembling and my head was spinning. Neither of us spoke a word, the tension was mounting and I couldn't take it anymore. I stuck my thumbs in the side of the lace and shimmied them off, my backside now completely exposed. I heard Maxim's breathing pick up again, I was too terrified to look around and see his expression.

I was nude, all exposed. The breeze had picked up and sent a shiver through my skin, goose bumps raised all over. I couldn't turn around and show him what I looked like naked. This was the playboy extraordinaire, and I was the innocent girl who got suckered into him.

"Ready, baby?" Maxim said softly, his voice wavering. I nodded slowly, unfolding my arms from the heat of the fire.

And that's when I turned around to face him, fully naked.

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