Surfing the net a few weeks ago, I came upon a video that was taken during a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I watched the video with a smile on my face, admiring the amount of effort and enthusiasm involved in the performance.

After the video was over, I noticed a comment that had been left on it that went something like this:

'How lame. You can't have the movie playing in the background. That's so cheap. Who would pay to see that? If they're going to put on the show, they should do it the right way.'

Obviously this person knows nothing about Rocky Horror.

Obviously this obnoxious idiot, this oh-so well-informed critic, doesn't know that there is a difference between the Rocky Horror Show and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Rocky Horror Show is the stage production that the movie is based on. Both of the script for the stage show was written by Richard O'Brien, and the adaptation for the screen was written and directed by Jim Sharman. The picture show is, of course, the movie.

Over the past thirty-plus years, going to see the movie has become quite an event. First people started yelling at the screen, then they started throwing things like playing cards and toast, and then somewhere along the line, people decided that it would be fun to act out the movie in front of the screen.

How on earth is that lame and cheap?

That's the way it's supposed to be done!

And it's not as easy as I'm certain the youtube genius thinks. Actors have to move their mouths when their character does, and they have to know what the character is saying. Riff and Magenta must know exactly when to elbow thrust. Frank, Columbia, Rocky, Brad, and Janet must know exactly where in line to stand during the floor show.

In theatre, they always tell you, "If you mess up, play it cool, and the audience will never know."

That doesn't work when the movie is playing on the screen right behind you.

The audience knows everything.

It takes work and dedication. And on top of that, it's a bonding experience. Having a Rocky family is one of the greatest things you could ever have.

So take that, Net-Nazi!