Azure blue eyes run along the strikingly white wall taking in all the blood and gore. A tired sigh escapes his mouth and he glances at the figure beside him.

Messy black hair falls into tearing harlequin green eyes; long, tanned fingers cover pale, pink, sobbing lips. His whole body is shaking as he takes in the sight, the blood, the gore.

Azure blue eyes roll and elegant fingers curled around a leather leash clipped into the leather collar tightly encasing the boy's neck and tugged.

Squawking the boy sprawls forward face first into one of the bloody piles of clothing and bones scattered around the room. Quickly scrambling to his feet the black haired boy grapes hold of the leg of the only other living person in sight.

Blonde brows gather other Azure eyes and dark red lips open to snap when a rumbling sound is herd coming from further into the room. Azure eyes squint into the darkness hiding the rumbler from view before turning away. They blink in surprise that quickly turns into annoyance as they spot the black haired boy running towards the only door in the room, the only exit.

The black haired boy glances over his shoulder and harlequin eyes widen as the blond runs towards him and something in the darkness behind him moves. He puts on a burst of speed and bangs into the door. For one terrifying moment he thinks the door will not move, thinks the blonde has locked it and he's stuck in here. Then it moves. Silently sliding open and letting the black haired boy pass.

He slams the door shut behind him and slides the bolt in place just in time. A body hits the door just after and he knows it is the blonde.

"Open the fucking door…" The blonde growls "You think you could do this? Lure people down here to be eaten? Do you think you could choose this lesser evil over letting this thing free? Do you?"

The black haired boy actually considers the blondes questions for a moment, wondering if he did have the courage to take over the job as Keeper, but if he didn't have the courage wouldn't that mean going back inside the room?

He doesn't get a chance to answer for the screaming starts immediately after the words have left the blondes mouth. The screams are horrible, terrified. He knew the pain must be horrible, after all he'd seen the blonde get raped, beaten, burned and many other things without once screaming.

Shaking the black haired boy leans against the door and slides down till he is sitting. He begins to cry again. Not the quiet, terrified, sobbing of before but full blown, loud shaking, pee-your-pants shit scared crying.

He sits for what seem like ages listening to that screaming. He sits until they slowly die out. He sits until the quiet munching sound on the other side of the door stops. He sits as the creature slowly sloshes its way back into the darkness.

The black haired boy then unbolts the door and peeks in. The blonde is gone, nothing more but some new blood on the wall, a new bloody pile. The room looks empty except for the bloody piles but the black haired boy knows different. In the darkness at the end of the room lies an evil creature that feeds off humans. A creature he has now become the keeper off. A creature he now had to keep happy. A creature he now had to feed.