Author's note: just discovered this poem in my school stuff. Hey just read and review pliz. thank you lol

As the sun rises

As the sun rises

Your elegance and grace fills the room lighting up our future

Your divine smile guides us back to reality

Even when the day looks grim

A word from you, alters our train of thought

Just like a mother protecting her flock

You held us like your own

Opened our hearts and minds to chances in life

When each of us was struck by a problem

A knock at your door made everything all right

You held us tight from the cruelty of the world

Lifted us high. Your office became a sanctuary.

You reminded us that we can achieve anything

You believed in us, restored confidence in us

You shall be missed

Holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other

You defended us

When we stood in darkness you brought light

When it seemed like education was an impossible task

You made it clearer

You always offered an ear, a shoulder and a helping hand

When I lost my balance you caught me with open arms

At the start you were a stranger

But now you are like family

To me you are a diamond that shall shine endlessly

A river that flows to the ends of the earth

The beauty of nature itself

The grace of the sunset

The warm light of moon at night

A diamond not diminished by time and space

A memory of you shall be in our minds