Typing for one minute about teenage love. Here we go.

Does love even exist in the teenage world, or is it just some pipe dream that you don't really fulfil until you're well and truly into adulthood? I know that it's a simplistic state of affairs in the world preceding adulthood, but surely a teenager can understand the impulses behind attraction and what draws certain people together, and what repels them? But is that understanding enough? We are led to believe "love" is some sort of mythic state of being, deserved only by those who have suffered a great deal for it. We are led to believe that in such a state there is only goodness and clarity and even some kind of spiritual cleansing. In short we're given a really distorted view of the real deal. Love is surely little more than a chemical reaction with the brain, given metaphysical connotations simply because of mankind's desire to seek out a "higher truth". Maybe there is love – maybe there is a kind of higher state of purpose other than the basic requirements of "eat, drink and procreate". Now I'm not talking about "God" or whatever you like to call your cosmic guide, I'm talking about the compulsion to put another above ourselves. What causes it in this world where there is only survival of the fittest? Love? How, then, did a compassionate race such as our own get it so good? "Love" is a name for a multitude of feelings – lust, compassion, attraction, anger, fear, anxiety. Feelings universal since the dawn of mankind.

Sorry this doesn't go anywhere, people. I'm going to enter a competition where the theme is the rather bewildering concept of "teenage love" and I don't have a story left in my head. I want to avoid the clichés – the Cardboard Romeo's and the Marzipan Juliet's, love in pastel colours, y'know?