Author's note: ello me again. okay this is another 1 i hve been writting for a while now. Started as english GCSE coursework and thought of making it into a story. i dnt knw but this story just touches my heart. Maybe bcz some of it i hve witnessed. (sad) but hey dats life. so pliz read and review. i would very much appreciate it.

"You are been sentenced for 3 years in prison" the judge said.

Those words are the words that brought security in my life again; I could not believe that the love that we had despaired or moulded into hate. I never thought I would have the feeling of resentment against the man that I loved with every part of me; I guess that was my downfall.

"Mrs Gregory your application for a protection order against your husband is granted as well as a divorce, this case is adjourned." Well I am no longer Mrs Julie Gregory; I no longer carry the putrid scent of hate and deceit in my name. 'Gregory' that name haunts my memory; it is a nagging thought that will forever shatter me apart.

Well maybe I should explain the reason why I hate my former husband, my husband Richard Gregory how I loved him so.


We met at the University of St Andrews, I was studying Philosophy and Theology. He has studying Physics. The way we met was more like an accident. I was rushing for a lecture, I bumped into him.

Falling flat on my arse, I heard giggles around the hallway. My face suddenly lit up with embarrassment, a tall well toned man stood over me casting a shadow. "Ouch" he muttered, standing up, rubbing his head. "Man…you got a hard head.". Causing me to descend into more embarrassment. Looking up, I noticed the blue eyes behind his designer glasses. Wearing a white shirt, his well masculine arms caught my attention, I breathed in deeply as I gathered all of my strength and helped myself up.

"I… I am sorry" I said as I gathered my stuff. He kept looking at me and I thought he was going to make another silly commented.

Stood there waiting for it, "In a hurry aint u? I am Richard and you are?". Looked at him, then took a glimpse at the clock, "Oh damn, am gona be late." He stood there puzzled, "Sorry, I really am." I shouted as I ran off. I left him looking dazed.

I made it to my lecture, sat at my usual seat. "Today I am going to talk about the great Christian Philosopher Thomas Aquinas.", the bald professor stood in front of the theatre. Filled with confidence, he stated " hope all of you read the chapters I set. If you didn't, don't bother being here because you will not comprehend what we are going to talk about."

I sat there looking at him, as he talked about Aquinas. The clock dragged and dragged. Finally I got out, took a deep breath. "Ah… there you are" the voice sounded familiar. "Julie, Julie Belle right?" he said. "Yes, how do you know my name ?".

"Well… you dropped this and it has your name on it." handing me a book. "Ahhh…Thank you, don't know what I would have done without it." I said, noticing the big grin on his face.