Phoenix Rising – Prologue

It is 2037. World War II has raged on for almost a century. Adolf Hitler was murdered by his succeeding general, General VonWebber, shortly before the Allied Forces invaded on D-Day in 1944. When VonWebber took control, the Nazi forces were skewed too thinly to provide adequate military defenses, resulting in the loss of Germany. The Nazi forces survived by creating a nuclear weapon with their allies, Russia, and bombing the United States. Nuclear weapons began to be more frequently used by all countries, and the world became an area of nuclear warfare, re-education camps, and war-torn villages. Friendships and alliances between countries were shattered. Nations shifted allegiances as nuclear warfare became more and more widespread – an ally with more adequate nuclear weapons and research was an ally worth having. Russia joined the Allied forces at the turn of the century in an attempt to end the conflict, but all their efforts were not enough. As United States education was stripped to the bare essentials, generations grew and learned skills that were only crucial to the war efforts. To combat the Axis forces, a small, elite group, named Phoenix Rising, was established to help the tattered Allied Forces and Axis Forces realize peace is the goal, to salvage what little bit of the world is left. Now, in Czechoslovakia, a nuclear facility is supposedly found. Phoenix Rising is sending four of its top members to destroy any weapons and collect any information possible. Together, these four top ranking Phoenix Rising officials could be the only thing between the destruction of Russia, and perhaps one more victory in the way of peace.

Author's Note: So, in case you haven't visited my profile in a long while – hi! I'm finally back. Inspired by a friend who actually completed NaNoWriMo, I re-opened my writing file and found this. "Phoenix Rising" is undergoing SEVERE re-writes. While originally written as a collaboration, I'm changing a lot of things and making the storyline more of my own thoughts. I'm actually kind of excited to see how this progresses, but writing while in college isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. Please be patient while I figure out how to bring this story back to life!

Reviews are appreciated – it's a while since I wrote anything besides a paper for a music class!