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Chapter Two

I Am So Not A Whore

Approximately one week after the Smith reunion I was back at home sitting in my room and playing Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii. It was a pretty lazy week for me. All I did was go to school, sleep, play video games, and surf the web. I had decided to dedicate the weekend all to me since last weekend I was forced into something more awful than juvie. My mom had tried to come and coax me out but I was afraid she was going to pin me down and force me to attend another reunion. To keep her out of my room I would just shout Hello Kitty Coloring Book and she'd back down. I think she felt partially bad after we came home last weekend when I showed her all the pictures I had drawn on.

My father on the other hand, couldn't be more disappointed. He said I had been so rude the way I ignored everyone there. The fact was that it was the complete opposite, it wasn't like I enjoyed sitting by myself coloring now was it?

I had just finished gathering a heart piece when I heard my mom calling me from upstairs. "Nikki! You've got a phone call!" I could just imagine my mom standing on top of the stair landing with the house phone in hand.

"Who is it!" I shouted back up, hitting the pause button on the Wiimote. I stepped out of my black gaming chair and went up the stairs, slipping on some of my fuzzy slippers to avoid getting chills from the hardwood floor.

"Sean Smith! Says it's important! I'm leaving the phone on the top, I'm going to Mary's to work out. I love you!" she shouted before I heard her walking away, probably in her tennis shoes. That women was a work-outaholic. Even in the winter she worked-out, despite the fact that she was skinnier than most women her age.

Sean Smith? My second cousin Sean Smith? What did he want? I wondered silently to myself as I thudded up the stairs. I grabbed the black phone off the landing before shouting back "Got it! Love you too, have fun!" then I thundered back down my steps and kicked off my slippers, making sure my feet were on my red carpet first. There was nothing worse than walking on hardwood floors in the middle of winter. I get chills just thinking about it. I turned back on my game before pressing the ear up to my phone.

"Yo. What do you want?" I somewhat demanded. I really didn't like Sean and I had no idea why on Earth he would want to talk to me. He had plenty of time to say something last weekend. Maybe I forgot something at his house.

"Aww….no love for me? Do you still give your mother bedtime kisses or is that only on special occasions?" I furrowed my eyebrows and hit pause on the Wiimote again. It clearly wasn't Sean's voice on the phone.

"Who is this?" I questioned, curiosity getting the best of me. Normally I would've just hung up assuming that I just had a prank phone call, but this voice was quite familiar. I just couldn't think of a name or face to put to it.

"Oh yes, how quickly I have forgotten. I must remember that your brain can't store as much memory as those who are more advanced and mature. It's Sean's friend, from the reunion. I needed a good laugh so I thought I'd call you." He said, he sounded so smooth on the phone. I instantly realized who I was talking to. It was the arrogant prick who made fun of my coloring. If he was here I would've jammed both the hot pink and yellow crayons up his nostrils.

"Wow, no life much?" I retorted, my voice sounding snarky. But seriously, this guy must not have a life if he's calling me for entertainment. I was again tempted to hang up the phone and continue playing my game, but I have always been a very curious girl, so I wanted to talk to him longer. And okay, you can't laugh at this…but I've been thinking about him on and off again all week, because well he was kind of cute. I know, I'm ridiculous don't make fun of me.

"Oh I have one. I thought I would just grace yours and spice it up a bit. I'm sure this phone call made your day…am I right?" I felt my cheeks getting hot and I imagined that they were turning quite red. I struggled to think of a comeback.

"Oh yeah, you wish. I don't even know your name." Ooooh, good comeback Nikki. Really original…yeah…right. It was true though, I didn't know his name. He never told me and I didn't feel like asking anybody.

"Amazing, most girls do. They scream my name actually. You're the first I think I've ever had to tell." I stifled a laugh from coming out and shook my head. He was so arrogant it was slightly amusing in a sad…pathetic way. There was a slight pause and I imagined that the guy on the other line was waiting for me to say something, but I just waited for him continue.

He cleared his voice which made me smile since it meant that he was struggling to say something. A first in all the conversations I had with him…well this was only the second one, but who cares? He was still having a tough time forming a sentence for once. "It's uh James and you're uh…Mickey right?" I smiled again when he said this. I knew for a fact that he already knew my name, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to ask my mom to give me the phone.

"Nikki." I corrected him, even though I knew he was just pretending to be oblivious. I curled myself up on my bed and let took out my pony tail so that I could lay down. I hated laying on my back when there was a pony tail in my hair. It made an uncomfortable bump on the back of my head when I laid down.

"Ah, I meet a lot of women so it's hard to remember names all the time." I could tell he was smiling on the other side of the phone. His tone of voice was chipper and I imagined a smirk play across his handsome features.

Part of me felt really good that he was calling, it made me feel special in an odd way and it made me realize that he must've been thinking about me like I thought about this week. The other more cynical part of me wanted to be a stuck up bitch to get revenge for what happened the weekend before.

"I know. You must be a busy man with all the calls you must receive. I don't want to intrude so I guess I'll just let you go." I said slyly anticipating his reaction. I must admit though, I would be pretty disappointed if he would've agreed to let me go and never called again. I would've been very distraught actually to have my experiment proven wrong.

"Oh, right now I'm not busy at all. It's only Saturday afternoon, most of my women call after hours if you know what I mean. The question is, are you busy Mickey?" I raised my eyebrows as he asked this. I didn't really know where the conversation was heading or why I was even talking to him. He really irked me, but yet he was fascinating. Normally all the guys that were assholes seemed to avoid me since it was really hard to get under my skin…or at least it seemed like it was. I was very good at hiding anger and frustration.

"I'm playing the Wii and talking to some creepy guy on the phone." I said deciding that I wanted to resume my game. I crept back onto my chair and turned the game back on. I figured I could multitask.

"All night? What a shame…" his voice faded out and I thought I could hear him stretching in the background.

"Eh. Nothing else to do." I shrugged as I jumped on one of the boss characters heads in the game. I missed my chance for a double jump and cursed under my breath.

"So how bout me and you do something tonight? I need something to entertain me." He remarked. I almost dropped the phone.

"T-tonight?" I couldn't help but stutter. It caught me off guard. I hadn't been on a date since…well six months prior I suppose. It was so random and unexpected, especially coming from this guy. But at the same time it was obvious that he would ask such a question. For as far as I was concerned this guy was a very thick headed boy who pretty much went after anything he wanted.

"Yeah tonight." I heard him chuckle on the other line, obviously at my stutter. "Not like a date or anything, but just hanging out. Don't feel to special or anything." I imagined him smirking again, obviously quite proud that he had managed to make me stutter.

I felt my quick happy buzz going down as I heard him say the words "Not like a date" of course it wasn't going to be a date. I had just found out his name tonight. He was probably bored and didn't have anything better to do. I know I certainly didn't. All of my friends were either out of down or going to Marni's party. (Marni and I don't get a long so I wasn't invited.) Long story for another time.

"Like I'd date you anyway." I snorted as I finally just turned my game off. I found myself running straight for my dresser looking for some decent clothes instead of my regular sweats and old shirt that I normally wore on the weekend.

"Mkay then. That's settled. Later whore." He ended the conversation briskly and before I could even ask what time he'd be coming over or what we were doing he had hung up the phone and all the answered me was the annoying beeping noise you get when there's no one on the other line.

I sighed. What was I thinking?

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