Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Chapter: Bloodied Past

Azuri Elska Namaari

"You…" The eighty-year-old man pointed at Setasha, "I remember you."

Setasha glanced at the man over her shoulder. Her black trench coat blew in the wind around the yellow police tape, "What?"

The man looked shocked, "You… I'd never forget your face. You saved my life when I was only six years old." Setasha's eyes narrowed at the man. "You… You haven't changed!" He walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder, as if trying to figure out if she was real, "You're an angel aren't you?"

Setasha looked down and her black bangs covered her eyes. She leaned forward and whispered in the man's ear, "I used to be."

I used to be… Those were the last words that old man heard before he was killed. Setasha pulled out a dagger and had stabbed him in the heart. The man gasped for breath, unable to speak, he looked up at the girl, "But… Why..?" He managed to get out.

Setasha flipped her bangs out of her face as she pulled the dagger back and wiped the blood off on his shirt, "Because…" She said as the man hit the ground, dead instantly, "You knew my secret."

Setasha pulled out her phone and dialed 911, "This is detective Maari. I need an ambulance at the intersection of 13th Street and Maple Avenue." She glanced back towards the initial crime scene as she hung up her phone.

"Was that really necessary?" A blond man voiced as he walked over wearing a bullet proof vest.

"He knew my secret Voenn." Setasha said as she looked at the man blankly.

Voenn sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "Setasha…"

"Don't give me that tone Voenn." She said as she put the dagger away, "You would've done the same thing."

As she said that, the ambulance came flying up next to them as two cop cars followed. A first cop got out and walked over, "I'm looking for detective Maari."

"I'm detective Maari." Setasha stated.

The cop stared in confusion, "But… You're a teenager. How old are you?"

"Eighteen. Now get this man to the hospital." She stated as she pointed to the old man lying on the ground.

The cop stared for a second as the man was loaded into the ambulance. He spoke again, "I need you to fill out a case report for the scene."

"I'll fill it out after I examine inside the house." She pointed to the crime scene.

"How was the man involved?" The cop questioned.

"He must've tried to stop the people inside and was stabbed." She stated blankly as Voenn crossed his arms.

"Well alright then…" The cop continued, "Go inspect the house and I'll be waiting here with the criminal report for you to fill out afterwards."

Setasha nodded and started to walk into the house. Voenn quickly grabbed her shoulder, "Hey, draw your gun."


"…I just have a feeling you might need it." He glanced at the house as he drew his own gun from the back of his pants and took the safety off.

Setasha blinked at him and decided not to question him, considering Voenn was rarely ever wrong about things of that nature. She drew her own silver handgun from the pocket of her trench coat. Holding it up, she clicked the safety off while kicking the door open.

A puff of sulfur smelling smoke rolled along the ground of the house and Setasha's every narrowed, "Shit…." She walked in about a foot, enough room so that Voenn could walk in behind her. Voenn softly closed the door behind them.

"So what are you going to do if there's no dagger in this house?" Voenn questioned while glancing at her.

Setasha, in turn, pulled the dagger out that she stabbed the man with. She calmly wiped her fingerprints off the dagger and tossed it into the adjacent room.

Voenn's eyes calmly followed the dagger, "What makes you think that's actually going to work?"

Setasha shrugged and re-lifted her gun, "Nothing really." She took a step forward, "It probably won't work at all."

Voenn sighed and took a step in front of her, "Do you really want to die that badly Setasha?"

She glanced towards the staircase, "Have you forgotten? It's almost impossible for me to die."


Voenn glanced at the stairs as well. Both of their eyes narrowed as they heard footsteps on the upper floor.

Setasha instantly took a step towards the stairs and Voenn grabbed her shoulder, "Wait."

Setasha glared at him as the steps came closer to the stairs. Voenn quickly pulled her around a corner to the room next to the stairs. They glanced around the room instinctively. Everything was a mess. There were ripped clothes thrown all over the floor. The rips didn't even look human made… They looked like claw scratches. The furniture was nearly all destroyed. They glanced at what appeared to be a ruined bed and saw the imprint of a bloodied hand on the sheets as if it was dragged off of the bed.

They glanced towards the stairs again as the steps started to descend.

Setasha sighed and softly cursed herself as she put the gun back into her pocket.

Voenn looked at her with wide eyes, "Are you insane?" He whispered.

"It won't work."

"What?" He blinked.

"The guns probably won't work." She stated as she glanced down towards the sulfur still rolling along the ground, "Go back outside Voenn."

"What?" He was becoming repetitive, "Are you insane? Setasha what ever did this-"

"Go." She leaned against the wall and glanced at him, "Its fine. He won't kill me."

Voenn hesitated before lowering his gun. He couldn't get to the front door without going past the figure, so he quickly walked out the back door while returning his gun to the back of his pants.

Setasha sighed, "What the hell was I thinking?" She whispered to herself as she glanced around the corner to see a shadow on the ground. The shadow had the figure of a man that was wearing a hooded cloak.

She tensed as the sulfur smoke began to grow in the house. Then it became very, very cold.