Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Chapter: Negotiations

Azuri Elska Namaari


Setasha's breath caught in her throat as she heard the figure step closer. She reached for her gun with a shaking hand, even though she knew it couldn't help her.

"What in Avo's name made you believe that I wouldn't try to kill you?"

A hand locked onto the side of the doorway next to her head and she jumped, moving a good three feet away in the blink of an eye.

The male laughed at her… A dark eerie sound echoed through the entire house and sent chills down her spine. She lifted her gun toward the figure and he held out a black-gloved hand covered by part of the sleeve of his white renaissance shirt. She glanced toward his chest and saw a blood coloured pendant hanging from his neck on a silver chain.

Setasha glanced over at the ruined bed, "What did you do with the person that lived here?"

The man's voice chuckled and he spoke with a rough accent, almost British sounding, "It was his time to go. Why else would I kill a man, Maari?"

Her eyes narrowed at the man, "But… But why? I don't understand. You don't have jurisdictions to kill people on Earth."

"And neither do you Princess." The man's words were cold as he lowered his hand, "Put the gun away Maari. It's probably better if neither of us are injured during this conflict."

"Since when do you care about other people Kaldr?" She questioned.

He laughed and removed his hood to reveal short, oddly styled hair that was as dark as the blacks of the shadows around him, "Bold enough to use my real name Maari? Shame on you."

The coldness seemed to grow as he stepped towards her. The sulfur began to roll more and more like fog across a dark road at night.

Setasha felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end as she took a step backwards. There wasn't much further she could go. Then she heard that chilling laugh again and gazed into his icicle blue eyes.

"Maari… Relax." Kaldr grinned, "I'm not going to kill something that's valuable to me."

Setasha froze, "Valuable?"

"Of course." He crossed his arms, "You, Maari, are going to do me a favor."

Setasha stood straight up and her eyes narrowed at the man, "And if I refuse?"

"Then I tell them who really killed that man."

"What makes you think I care about them finding out about that? I could easily cover it up. No questions asked." She stated.

He laughed again. God she hated that laugh, "I suppose I could go more… Extreme, if that's what you want." He rubbed a gloved finger along his chin, "What about Voenn?"

Setasha's eyes narrowed and she tensed. He grinned in approval. "Leave Voenn out of this."

Kaldr sighed, "You're a very difficult one Maari. You realize that?" He crossed his arms, "As fun as it would be to kill your childhood friend Voenn… I think I came up with one better." His smirk returned to his face, "Do what I ask, or I will kill your brother Leon."

Her breath caught in her throat again. She didn't even notice him step closer her. Setasha glanced up to see that he was right in front of her, peering down. He wasn't that much taller though… Maybe two inches at most. He was rather good looking up close… Setasha shook her head. This was no time to be thinking about that.

He grinned, almost as if he had read her mind, "Well Maari?"

She looked up at him, unable to look away, "…Fine. What do you want me to do?"

He took her hand with a surprisingly light touch. His fingers were cold as he took his other hand and placed a metallic blood coloured cell phone into his hand. She looked at the phone a little confused and glanced up at him.

He was grinning, "I'll call you when I get the details." He turned and began to walk out the back door.


He stopped and glanced back, "Yes?"

"I thought you said this was one job and then I was done."

He grinned, "Now, now Maari. I said you were going to do me a favor. I never said how many parts there were to that." He gave a dark laugh and disappeared into the shadows of the wall as if he was never there in the first place.

Setasha looked down at the phone… It seemed to be the only proof that he had been there at all. She glanced around and sighed, "Now who do I say killed that man?" She shook her head and pocketed the phone.

A few minutes later she came out the front door and saw Voenn talking to the police officer.

Voenn immediately stopped what he was saying and glanced at her, "Did you find anything?"

Setasha walked over and crossed her arms, "Nothing. The guy must've ran…" She glanced at the cop, "Search the house for finger prints."

The cop glared, "Isn't that your job girl?"

"True" Setasha admitted, "But I have school in about an hour and I'd rather not be late." She began to walk away and Voenn followed.

"Wait!" The cop yelled, "What about the case file?"

"I'll pick it up later" She stated while turning down an alley to leave the cop alone with the house.

When they were a safe enough distance away and on their route to the school, Voenn glanced at her, "So what really happened?"

"He let me go."


"…I don't know why."

Voenn sighed, "You always say that when it has to do with your past Setasha. Why can't you just tell me what really happened? Was that the same guy that-"

"No. Now drop it. We don't talk about this is school remember?"

Voenn sighed and glanced up at the school building in front of them, "Right… Sorry."

Setasha calmly walked into the high school building as the bell rang for first period. Voenn followed wondering what was really going on in his childhood friend's head.