Fallen Angels
Chapter 4: Pleading for Answers
Azena Kira

Setasha walked out of the locker room wearing her gym uniform which consisted of baby-blue short shorts and a fitting white t-shirt. She walked over to a bench and lifted her left foot up onto it while starting to tie her shoe.

She sighed softly and had her eyes closed. Suddenly, she felt soft hands on hers. Her eyes shot opened and she looked up, only to find Shade tying her shoe for her.

After he finished with the shoelace, he paused for a second before looking up at her. He gave a meager smile, "I'll tie the other one too if you want."

Setasha felt her face flush very slightly. She hesitantly switched so that her right foot was up on the bench, "You don't have to do this…" She said as he bent down and started tying the other shoe.

"I know…" He muttered as he quickly tied the shoe, "I just figured since you're having a bad day, I'd try and help."

Setasha blinked at the boy, who was wearing a pair of baby-blue athletic pants and a slightly baggy white t-shirt. She thought for a second and realized that Shade never really wore tight clothes.

"Setasha… Can I ask you something?"

She blinked up at him, "…Yeah?"

"…Tell me what's wrong… Please." He said while looking deeply into her eyes.

As her eyes locked with his, she silently cursed herself as she found herself unable to look away, "Shade…" She said as she took her foot off the bench.

He walked forward, around the bench, eyes never leaving hers, "Please Setasha… I don't like it when you hide things from me…" He said as he rested a hand on her hip.

Setasha felt her face flush slightly. He always had this effect on her, and even if she didn't want to admit it… She was attracted to him. Him being… The Shade he is now, not the one he was when she first met him… But that's another story for another day.

"Shade I-"

"Please don't say 'It's complicated or 'You can't tell me' …Please Setasha…"

He was almost pleading and it was starting to get to her… She sighed shakily as she rested her head on his shoulder, "Okay, I'll tell you tonight… But I need a favor from you first."

Shade smiled warmly, "Anything."

She hesitantly lifted her foot up to her hand and pulled the blood coloured cell phone out of her sock. She held it out to him with a shaking hand, "Put this in your pocket for gym?"

He blinked, "This isn't your phone…. Who's is it?"

He saw her visibly tense, "Just please… I'll tell you later. If it rings, don't answer it. Okay? I really don't want to keep it in my sock all gym class. Since I don't have pockets in my shorts, the only other option is you holding onto it."

He sighed while taking the phone into his hand, "Alright, alright. But you're telling me tonight… You're telling me everything."

She tensed and he could tell, "Shade… I…"

"Please Setasha…" He gently kissed her forehead and spoke softly, "I need you to tell me."

Setasha blushed, "S-shade…?"

He pulled back and smiled softly, "Now come on, we're already late. Girl's are over there." He said while pointing to his right, then began walking to his left.

Setasha smiled very slightly at him then began walking away. She took a deep breath and sighed. I can't believe I agreed to tell him…

"So did Setasha tell you anything?" Voenn asked the other blond as they ran on the treadmills next to each other.

"What do you mean?" Shade said while glancing at the green eyed boy.

Voenn glanced back with a slight grin, "Look, whatever you agreed to do to get her to tell you, she won't do it."

Shade frowned slightly, "I know… I just…"

"You like her don't you?" Voenn grinned as he saw Shade turn red.

"W-what?! No… I…"

Voenn gave a small laugh, "It's fine if you do Mayakii. I really don't care… But she's not going to tell you."

"Why not? She said she-"

Voenn's eyes narrowed at the blue eyed blond, "Mayakii. She hasn't even told me. If she hasn't told me, she won't tell you. She hasn't told anyone this time. Not even Leon."

"Who's Leon?" Shade asked questioningly.

Voenn sighed softly, "It's a little complicated…"

Shade blinked at the similarity between Voenn and Setasha, "Nova… Can I ask you a question?"

The other blond blinked, "Shoot." He said softly as he increased his running pace a little.

"How do you know Setasha?" Shade asked while increasing his own pace.

"We're childhood friends." Voenn stated blankly.

"No. I knew that, but… What are you now?"

Voenn turned off his treadmill and stood on the sides of it while unconsciously glaring at the other blond, "What kind of question is that?"

"I just-" Shade started as he turned his own treadmill off.

"You just what?" Voenn's eyes narrowed, "Look Mayakii, you're better off if you don't get involved in this."

Shade raised an eyebrow, "What's that supposed to mean Nova? Is that a threat?"

"No…" Voenn said while looking down. He sighed softly, "Look… I made a promise to Setasha… I can't tell you anything… But I can tell you that she has a lot of burdens."

Shade sighed, "I knew that much Nova, I want to know the rest."

"Sorry Mayakii… No offense, but I don't truly trust you." Voenn said while crossing his arms.

Shade sighed, "I figured that much…" He muttered while sliding his hands into his pockets. He looked up to see Voenn starting to walk away. He blinked remembering the phone in his pocket, "Nova, wait."

Voenn stopped abruptly and blinked back at the boy that could be his twin, "What is it?"

Shade hesitated before pulling out the phone, "Setasha asked me to hold onto this… I have a feeling it's important."

Voenn blinked at the phone, "Whose is that?"

"Good question." Shade said with a slight grin.

Voenn glanced at the blond before walking back over. He stopped about two feet in front of the other boy, just then realizing they were about the same height. Hesitating slightly, he reached out to grab the phone. Just as his fingers were about to touch it… The ringer went off.