What Do You Do What Do You Do Azuri Elska Namaari

It's one of those... I can't explain it
Kind of feelings... Why?
Because you were the kind of boy
That made me look
Forward to Mondays.

I want to know why you chose her.
I know I'm jealous...
But I'd never admit it to you...
That maybe I can love you
More than she ever can.

Do you have any idea
How many nights I've stayed up crying?
Unless you can see into my heart...
There's no way you could know...
I still love you.

I'm sick of crying...
I'm tired of trying...
I may be smiling,
But it still hurts so much.
I just can't let go.

It's funny how
Someone can break your heart
And you still love them anyways.
I don't know if you love me anymore...
So why am I even still trying?

I can't believe that I was so stupid
To think that maybe
For just one second...
That you might have actually cared...
Maybe I should hate you for that.

Sometimes it hurts more
To smile in front of everyone
Then to cry alone...
Where were you...
When I needed you?

It's hard to answer the question,
"What's wrong?"
When the answer is everything.
What do you do when the one you love...
Doesn't love you?