My love, quiet
conqueror of

my heart –

I know you
not. motionless,

speechless, without
a sound. I sit here,
waiting to be found.
I wait like a flower
in a field, bright and
sweet in my flower
uniform. surrounded

by my innocent flower
friends. waiting for this
endless wait to end. find

me my love – I want you
to be mowed down by you,
so that I can
be a butterfly.

ah, the sweet taste of
your soft lips. embraces
the chap ones of mine,
we mix – my knees shake.
nothing feels the same,
the world has stopped
in awe of this – sweet
delicious kiss.

I'm not perfect or ordinary,
you're neither gifted or extraordinary.
but together – it's perfectly understandable,
we were stand intangible. that's how they
see it, those poor strangers – they
have no idea what dangers.
of assuming and looming
can do to their perfectly
perfect embrace.
a disgrace.