Chapter Two

Heather Hagedorn

Chapter Two

Debut into the World

As I dug deeper into the trunk the faces in the old photographs began to change. The, now familiar, faces of my great-grandparents aged. The black and white photos became the grainy colored ones of the late 1900's and the familiar faces of my grandparents and parents suddenly appeared as my fingers brushed the cool leather on the bottom of the trunk. I smiled when my eyes caught sight of my parents, young, vibrant and laughing sitting together on my grandmother's couch.

I had begun to repack the trunk when my eye caught on another picture, tucked into the trunk's aged corner. I pulled it out and smiled. My own face grinned back at me. I was no more than two years old

The familiar theme song of Sesame Street floated through the house on the early May morning. Sunlight filtered in through the curtains, lighting up the golden hues of Lance's fur. It was going to be a hot one, he could tell already. The merciless Arizona sun had already heated the back patio to a scorching temperature. When he had gone out that morning to- well you know- his paws had burned with each step he took on the dry, brittle grass. He settled contentedly down onto the cool tile of the kitchen floor, and rested his shaggy head onto his paws.

With large brown eyes he watched as a large bird talked through the moving box on the entertainment center. Any minute now. He thought to himself as the bird started to dance across the screen. Sure enough, a few seconds later his keen ears picked up footsteps padding down the hallway. His head perked up as she rounded the corner, bare feet slapping the cool tiles and eyes alight with anticipation. She squealed, the high pitch resounding in Lance's sensitive ears, and pointed her small, pudgy finger at the screen.

"Sesme!" She giggled, and plopped down onto the floor, her eyes transfixed on the moving bird. Lance quickly stood up and meandered over to where the little human sat. He took his time, trying to act as nonchalant as possible, before finally resettling himself within petting distance.

The new human kid isn't so bad. He thought to himself as the young hand reached out to give him a clumsy pat on the head. When the Big Ones had first brought her home- well, all he could say was that he hadn't been too sure about her. The Big Ones paid her more attention, even though all she did was lie there and didn't know how to play ball. They wouldn't let him play with her at first either, even though they put her on his floor. But, now that she had started to walk and talk like the Big Ones she wasn't too bad. She even shared her blanket with him, throwing the soft peach cloth over him before she curled against his side.

Lance fondly called her "The Little One," but the Big Ones called her something else although, sometimes, they seemed like they couldn't decide what to call her. Sometimes, they called her Heather and sometimes, they called her Bear- which was ridiculous, because she didn't look like a bear at all! Lance gave a great heave and rested his head on Little One/ Heather/ Bear's lap; sometimes he just didn't understand humans.