The Evil Eye Descending

Resenting eyes fallow her footpath

As the blood – red moon sings of wrath

Whispering to shadows in the night

Sending superfluous chills of fright

That lurks in the corner of the eye

As she lets out a condescending sigh

The demons of the night scream,

"Kill this witch of undeserving wealth,

take away all that is of her health.

Bleed her dry to there is no more,

shed through her rotten core."

The yelled and cussed,

"No use to us, no use to us."

We'll burned down her tower

To take all her power

"No use to us, no use to us."

The counsel was brimming with anticipation

As the world crumbled with detestation

Tiffany (TSP)

Hidden Sword of Truth

April 14, 2008