I remember
I remember every inch of skin
From your heels and toes
Up your legs around the muscles
To your hips and waist
Then past your broad shoulders
Around your neck,
Up over your chin, onto your lips
Around your nose, into your brown eyes
And through your thick hair
Then back down again
Across your strong arms
To your perfect hands.

I hear your breath and voice,
Words and phrases and laughter,
And I feel your skin
The texture and pressure on mine.
I remember your taste,
A flavor of passion and love,
And then a slightly bitter aftertaste.
I see you seeing me,
I recognize every movement of your body,
Every gesture of your hands,
Every expression in your face,
The way you walk lightly,
Where your hair parts,
The inflections in your voice. And then
I look and taste and listen and feel again
And its not really there.

I'm happy to forget you,
I blame you and I don't care about you
I don't let myself love you,
I cast the thoughts and feeling and memories
Off my skin, shake them from the surface
I release them from my head
But my heart seems to have locked them up.
And they creep up again,
As I lie here, stars gleam against
The clear sky in the window
While the steady rain falls inside,
And every time I see you…

Every time I see you
It's like an addiction.
I want you and I don't want you
And I don't want anything
But to love you and hate you and
I want to be near you every second,
And every second I am, it hurts.
But I won't let it hurt,
And I'll make myself get through.

Even if it means
Remembering and crying
And writing these words down.
I write and as I write, I think and I feel
And I don't look for poetic flow of words
I don't strive for rhyme, or measure
Or a killer ending.
I'm only enveloped in
Every little detail that is you.
I just write and I think,
I feel and I remember.