A/N: This prompt was night. I know, finally a new one, huh? The next one didn't have a prompt, so it will be pretty much anything.

By Theresa L'Anne

Night fell in dark curtains around the figure. The heavy winds whipped her long black cloak around her. She faced the ground with her eyes closed. She should go back. He'd be waiting for the day's report, but she couldn't go yet. Not quite yet.

From the first time she met him, he had changed her world. He'd come like a hurricane and tore down the world she knew. Turning it from day to this new nighttime existence she had.

Her life had been simple once. The simple goings and comings of a maid of the wealthy. Simple messes to clean and simple errands to make. He made it complicated. The messes now consisted of blood and politics, the errands were assassinations and thievery. How could that one day have changed her life so completely?

The day had seemed to be typical normal. Than that young boy had shown up, demanding to see Lord Gordan. His purple eyes, so unique in color and ferocity, the butler was compelled to allow it. He hadn't seemed to be much of a threat, except, perhaps, to damage the Lord's ego.

The conversation had gone on for not a minute when the boy came back out. His face seemed to show the utter failure he had with the Lord. Everyone figured he'd been another beggar. They never got anything out of the Lord, those beggars. A recently new addition to the staff had entered the office directly after the boy, to clean up any mess he'd left behind. She come out screaming and was instantly silenced by the frail looking boy.

"This estate now belongs to the Doezi family. I will permit no distractions in my presence. Those who do not wish to serve me will leave now." The boy stated calmly walking towards the front door.

Many of the servants took one look at the blood splattered boy and took off in the direction of the front door as well, at a faster pace of course. The Doezi boy ticked his tongue and said, amused, "You won't be needing the door." Chaos erupted.

IT was over in a matter of minutes. Many had dead, but just as many had escaped. The only thing that was clear to the girl was she was the only living thing in the house besides to boy. His eyes settled on her, and she quivered, her blue eyes wide with fear.

"What's your name?" the boy asked with a smile that seemed to calm her despite the blood surrounding her.

"Lenak," she replied quickly, "Lenak Liner."

"You will address me as Lord Axyr," he said absent mindedly, turning away, "Clean this up. Make sure there is not a stain left, I'm sure you can manage that can't you?"

Lenak blinked and stopped her reminiscing. There would be time for that after his plans were complete. Sometimes she just wanted to leave, but she couldn't. She didn't even have to try to know she wouldn't be able to. This new life, the one Lord Axyr had given her, gave her a purpose. As the only trustworthy person in his life, the Lord had her do everything. It was an attractive lifestyle, this life of night. It drew people of all origins to it, and Lenak was no less enthralled by it.

She arrived at the house and pulled open the door to find Axyr pacing in the front hall. He looked up at the sound and stopped.

"It's about time," he grumbled with a glare, "Did it all go well."

"Yes, milord." Lenak replied hiding a smile. "It went perfectly."