Another one about my

There is a void in my heart,
A void I need you to fill with love.
It hurts so much that you'll be gone,
Gone so soon, in just one year.

You'll be off in the big world,
Living your dream.
While, I'll be at home missing you,
And not knowing what could have been.

We could have been great friends,
You could have been the best brother ever,
But you care not enough to make the effort,
To try and be there for me.

I'm not really sure how to say it,
But I need you, I need you to be my brother.
To scare away the annoying boys,
To protect me from the mean girls.

This is our last year together,
And we'll be at the same school,
Once again.
This is you're last chance.

This is your last chance to be my brother,
To be my friend,
Before you're gone,
I hope with every thing I have,
You'll take this chance.