Student with my greasy hair

Too late to shower don't really care

Straightener and a brushing comb

Will make it look good for an hour or so

I'll meet my friends

We'll kiss and hug

And complain that our teacher's a stupid thug

We'll have recess

And meet with the group

We'll laugh and chat and gossip and snoop

More classes, where I like to sleep

Then wait for the bell when at lunch it will beep

We'll go out and munch on our chocolates and bread

Then we'll talk some more, gossip we'll shed

Last class of they day will come and go

We'll pack our bags and leave for home

And on the way I'll see my friends

Hoping our commitments will have no end

We'll wait for the train and wave to guys

Never expecting a pleasant surprise

We'll stop for slurpees

We'll giggle, pink faced

And turn the corner

Back to home, strawberry taste

I'll hit my room and rock the joint

With homework, food and – you get the point

I'll remember to shower

Then leave it too late

I'll wake up the next morning

And make my hair straight.