Dripping from the ceiling,

Running in rivulets down the walls,

Ruby red and ebony in color,

The blood pools upon the floor,

A child dances in the rain of ruby and ebony blood,

Laughter bubbling as she spies,

The bodies of who were once her parents,

Eyes old and wise,

Watches as the child,

Dances and plays,

Among the dead,

Without a care in the world,

Bending down,

Running a finger through the quickly cooling blood,

Raising it to their lips,

Slowly sucking the life giving liquid,

Off their finger,

Sweet and tangy,

With just a hint of salt and iron,

They give a smile,

As they call the child over,
And they disappear never to be seen,

Once more,

The deaths of,

The child's parents,

Forever a mystery,

An unsolved case.