Mary dove

Mary dove

This is the beginning

Of Mary dove,

Who's woes and desires,

Turned her into love.

She cared for the needy,

And fought with the wicked,

If it is sinful,

It, she will picket.

She tried to stop,

The death penalty,

But abortion,

Came and set deep.

The crooked politicians,

She tried to fire,

But these liars,

We done, did hire.

The homeless child,

She tried to take home,

But only the rich,

Can afford to atone.

Broken, beaten,

Her heart weepin',

She prayed to god,

To help her along.

His hands came down,

Her body, enfolded,

Her spirit and will,

Strengthened and molded.

Now she soars,

And spirit grows.

Fear she dispels,

As love she knows.

This is the story,

Of Mary dove,

Who's faithful caring,

Turned her into love.