Love is needed,

Love is needed,

As hate, receded,

Into the mirthy dark.

We keep on walking,

Your voice, talking,

As does fly the larks.

You used to say,

That destruction,

Is the key to sins lock.

Now its open,

As we all are, hopin',

that it is not your fault.

Cheating, lusting,

Just un-trusting,

As you confuse me so.

Your love can mend me,

The cost done spent, thee,

As onward your heart travels so.

You keep on walking,

Our voices talking,

A love, ours travels so.

Forward marching,

Those voices harping,

Our love is not to show.

Even love,

As strong as ours,

No one needs but know.

This knowledge, pending,

Your heart, love spending,

As we meet our grave.

Our crypt-stone read,

"through doom and dread,

love is marching on."