Chapter 1: Spike's Initiation

Azena Kira

Every light was on in the house as we sat in a circle around an Ouija board in the center of the living room. We lit at least 30 candles around the small house, four being around us. Mave lit the last candle off to a table on the side. We never used real names. It was a rule.

I glanced around the room. It was a small group this time, Mave, Spike and myself, Blade. "You guys ready?" They nodded, "Alright Spike, turn on the camera." The camera wasn't much help, seeing as it could only record for fifteen seconds, but sometimes that was enough. It also took exceptional pictures.

I stood up and began walking down the hall, "Kill the lights." I said as we turned off every light in the house. You start at the point farthest away from the circle… In this case, that was the two bedrooms and the bathroom. Next we turned off the lights in the entry hall and the dining room. We then walked through the kitchen and shut those lights off while circling back into the living room. We sat and turned the lights off there by the switch. Now only the candles throughout the house were shining…

I feel the need to mention now that we had a small alter set up in the smaller bedroom… The dresser was cleaned off and there was nothing but candles. There were three candles lit in the center of the dresser space in the shape of a triangle pointing away from the mirror. If you stood facing the mirror and candles, the set up was as follows: The left candle was light blue for protection. This was my candle. The right candle was white for initiation. This was Spike's. The center, pointing towards us was Maverick's candle… It was pink for friendship. At the time, Mave was the most… experienced out of all of us.

I regretted only bringing two of them, but out of the current five, it was the best we could do last minute. The current five consisted of myself (Blade), Maverick, Spike, Ruby and Hawk.

I glanced down the hall towards the bedrooms as Mave calmly inspected the sword we brought. The sword seemed to give us comfort. We felt if we encountered anything, that it could help even the slightest bit… Deep down we knew it couldn't.

"Nerko" I said facing the bedrooms. The candles grew brighter in the smaller room, as if saying everything was safe. I didn't know what the word meant, and I still don't to this day. It seemed like a power word… A word that caused other things to happen. At the time I thought it was the name of a guy, a spirit that would protect us by showing us brighter lights as a result.

We all sighed and looked at the Ouija board in between us. Spike looked up at me, "What now?"

I looked at Mave and she nodded slightly while handing me our camera. I flipped it open and made sure the memory card was loaded, "Now we wait."

Spike had sighed impatiently and glanced down the hall. My eyes had followed his gaze to the older cat that was standing in the doorway to the larger bedroom.

Mave cursed, "We forgot to lock up the cats."

I sighed and stood up, taking a step towards the hall, "Twigs…" I made a cat noise, "Twigs come here." I said as I patted my leg.

Twigs just stood there looking at my room and I blinked. Mave had gotten up and walked behind me, "What's he looking at?"

I shrugged slightly, "I don't know…"

Spike stood as well, "Take a picture?"

I nodded and held the camera up and snapped a picture then pressed review on the camera, "Nothing…" I looked back up at the cat, "Something's wrong…"

Twigs slowly took a step out into the hall then into the smaller bedroom. He sat in about a foot into the doorway and faced the mirror. Suddenly I felt it get colder in the house, but Spike and Mave didn't seem to notice. "Twigs, come here." I called to the cat again, but he just sat facing the mirror.

I snapped another picture and reviewed it. Again, there was nothing. Then, we heard a sound…as if something light had fallen onto the ground. I sighed and snapped another picture. This time it had caught the cat's attention and he looked at the camera… So I quickly took another picture before calling him again. This time, he walked towards us and sat on the couch.

I kept staring down the hall as Spike sat back down. Mave turned to sit as well, but glanced at me, "Something wrong B?"

"Spike." He quickly shot back up as I said his name. I turned to him and handed him the camera. I glanced back down the hall, "Nerko." Upon saying the word… Something strange happened that had never happened before… I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise and I froze. Mave glanced down the hall and froze as well when she saw the candles dim instead of brighten.

I never told them this… But at that point, I had heard a soft, dark chucking of a males voice… I grabbed the sword and Mave grabbed my shoulder, "B, be careful."

I nodded slightly and glanced at Spike, "Take a picture when I get to the end of the hall."

He nodded as I began to walk down the short hallway, but this time it felt so long… I felt it get colder as I neared the end of the hall.

I heard a voice in my ear… It was a low whisper as if the man was standing right next to me… At the time I didn't know who it was, but I would later find out that it was one of my two Guardians. He had a slight British accent and whispered, "The past will be repeated."

At that point I had quickly glanced behind me, but there was nothing there. Stupid me had placed a foot into the room while glancing back, something I recommend no one ever does. I froze and gripped the sword tighter with both hands as I felt my body become very cold. I lifted the sword up about an inch and glanced into the room. Spike, from what I hear had snapped a picture, but I never saw the flash…

My eyes were transfixed on the mirror… It was pitch black and seemed to swirl slightly. There was a long, dark arm reaching out of it and towards the bed and a shadowy fog covered the floor. I felt my breath catch and my feet stuck to the ground. It was the first time in my life that seeing something had actually frightened me. The shadow fog bellowed off the dresser as if it was coming out of the mirror and all the candles were faint glows.

"Oh shit!" I heard Spike yell.

Maverick then responded with, "B, get your ass back here NOW!"

I don't remember exactly what happened after that, but I just remember a pair of yellow eyes looking at me from the mirror… No pupils, just yellow. The next thing I knew I was back in the living room with the others.

Mave took the sword as Spike put the camera into my hands, "Look at the picture." Said Maverick.

I looked at it and froze again. In the picture, the room was barely lit, but you couldn't see any of the fog… There was a slight shadow off towards the right of the door, where the dresser was. The most frightening thing was the orb that was next to my head. It was probably just as big as my head too. The other thing I noticed that was strange… Was that my hair was black. I shivered slightly, "Turn the lights on."

"What?!" Said Spike

I glared, "Turn the fucking lights on. Blow out the candles. We're leaving NOW."

They both agreed and turned the lights on, reverse order of how we turned them out. We then blew out the candles and raced down the stairs to Mave's car and all got in. We didn't even bother cleaning anything up… Why? Because I lived there. I still do. And things like the above, happen on a daily basis. Oh, and by the way, that room is the one I sleep in every night.

We returned to the house the next day around 7 am. We had spent the night driving around Cuba Road and at Spike's house, but that's another story.

Anyways, we return to my house and clean up… Move the table back into the center of the living room and wipe out the impressions on the carpet from us moving it.

While Spike and Mave dealt with the living room I went into my room and turned my computer on. After it booted I put the memory card in and downloaded the pictures to examine in full screen.

First picture I looked at was the one of the orb and I, seeing as it appeared to be the only one that had captured anything. The oddest part was my hair… My hair is normally a very light brown, but in this picture, it was a silky, natural black and appeared to be tied back. The orb, I had found very interesting… It appeared to be three circles. The outer rim was fairly large and was slightly darker than the middle layer, but they were both still transparent. The very center of the orb, was not transparent… It was about the size of that small circle you see on the top of a AA battery.

Zooming in on the bed is what frightened me the most. There was a dark shadow on the end of the bed near the dresser (keep in mind the dresser itself was not in the picture.). It was shaped like a man's head… As if he was stand at the edge of the dresser… Or possibly kneeling, I'm not entirely sure. Other than that I never really noticed anything else about that picture.

I got a strange feeling that I should look at the pictures of Twigs, even though nothing had shown up on the camera.

The first picture there didn't seem to be anything so I clicked to the next one of Twigs and something had caught my eye. I flipped back to the first picture and it confirmed it.

In the first picture, on the left wall, there was this strange white line about three inches off the ground. Then in the second picture, there was a square shape on the wall in that white light… As if it was some sort of door. In these two pictures, Twigs was still looking in the room.

I clicked to the next picture and the box was still there, but fairly faintly. There was also a small solid orb on the ground next to the box. In this picture, Twigs had turned towards the camera and the flash had made his eyes shine. There also appeared to be another small solid orb next to the door of the room. There was nothing on the bed in the other two Twigs pictures, but in this one… That shadow was there, but in more detail. It appeared to be sitting on the edge of the bed and had a slight frame of a small child, but it was hard to tell seeing as it was a solid black shadow.

I then clicked to the last picture of Twigs when he was walking out of the room. Again, the flash making his eyes look creepy. There were a few more orbs in this picture… One that was tinted red, which was odd, but I dismissed it.

The orb that was by the box and moved more towards the center of the floor and the box had vanished… And that shadow still sat on the bed. The shadow, mind you, looks hunched over.

The last picture was a picture we had snapped after Twigs had made it down the hall. I zoomed in and noticed the shadow still there… There also appeared to be an outline of a foot in the doorway… As well as what appeared to be a translucent figure hiding next to the doorframe. Other than that, it was just a small case of a few orbs shifting positions…

As for the pictures after that… Well that's another story.

AN: Okay so, for those that haven't figured it out, this is really a true story, that's why it's in the biography section... Anyways yeah, I still do have those pictures I talked about in the above experience, so if you want to see them, just drop me a PM or email and I'll send them right over. Reviews are appreciated.