Youthful face,

Youthful face,

Streaked with soot and blood,

Hair lank with sweat,


Trying to find the others,

Hearing a scream,

Moaning in terror,

Running faster,

Seeing family and friends,

Lying dead,

Or worse,

Tears making their way,

Down that oh so youthful face,

As one by one,

They fell,

Nothing stopping them,

The roar of a dragon,

The stench of those burning,
Filling nostrils,

Satisfaction radiating,

Throughout their bond,

A crash as they land,

Hearts beating in tandem,

Her dragon protects her,

She is his,

As he is hers,


Mind to mind,
Heart to heart,
Soul to soul,

Nothing can change that,

Never to be challenged,

Grinning now,

Manically she laughs,

Her dragon was here now,
She thinks,

Summoning her blades,

Made of fire,

She dances a dance,

Of death and destruction,
Coating the world,

In crimson blood,

The cries of the dead and dying,


As she takes her revenge,

Upon those who had invaded,

Her territory,

Her dragon,

A deep golden bronze,

Lets out a roar of fury,

Of pain,

As her mate is harmed,

Launching into the air,

Feeling the air,

Rush past her,

Joy at the freedom,

Quickly crushed,

At the reminder of her mate,

Hurt and dying,

In the end,

They lie,

Defeated together,

Bonded and mated,

As the victors,
Danced upon the land that once was theirs,

Closing their eyes,

They let go of what once was,

To go to what could now be.