No one was innocent. Not one of those creatures didn't have blood on their hands, not even the girl walking just down the side of the highway.

She moved casually through the snow and in dark, almost invisible in the distance. No stars could penetrate the thick clouds above and the sun would not rise for hours. She had plenty of time.

At one point her mother probably told her it was dangerous to do that, but despite the young appearance the girl could easily be two or three times that of how she looked on the outside. The girl could take care of herself, and she knew it too.

Cocky bitch, but that could be useful. As long as the girl thought that the storm was outside of the car and not inside, then it wouldn't be difficult getting her in.

She stopped walking when the headlights focused in on her. She didn't step back when the car pulled up right next to her and the window rolled down. Unlike a normal girl who would hesitate, be cautious, this girl did not hesitate to lean her arms over the car and peer in through the open window.

Hazel eyes sparkled with interest as long matching hair flowed down around her neck. Gold hoop earrings sparkled in the strands. Despite the snow outside, her tiny black purse, dark

hip-hugger jeans and party tank made her look dressed to go clubbing in the summer.

Vampires were awfully resilient to the cold.

She probably just came from another little blood fest. Yes, nothing could touch her. She did the stalking, she wasn't the stalked.

"You're not really dressed for the weather. You need a lift?"

She flashed him her teeth through a confidant grin. Long fangs growing out like daisies to be more noticeable. "I can handle myself."

"Ah, I see that." Best to play a little dumb. "But you're still kind of far from everything. I don't think I'd feel right just leaving you here to walk."

She raised a suspicious well groomed eyebrow and put her teeth back inside.

"I'm heading back to Griffon City. It looks like you are too. But if you don't feel comfortable then that's understandable too."

The girl tapped her manicured nails against the hood of the car, weighing her options. As if on cue, a gust of sharp, whistling wind whipped passed the car outside, strong enough to throw her off balance for a split second.

She got in the car without further argument and shut the door, though didn't bother to roll up the window.

She was unconscious and had the yellow collar around her neck before she could give the directions to her house.

As a Vampire, she would be fast, but not fast enough.

If only she'd known the storm was really inside the car.