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The Five

Of Fire and Ice

Chapter 1: Meet Aunt Sharon


It had been exactly a month since Marie's death and the five, plus David stood next to Marie's grave. During that whole month the others had spent it grieving, crying nonstop and ignoring one another, but Marissa, who had promised Marie she wouldn't didn't grieve like they did. It was now the summer, and that whole summer so far had been spent moving out of the house they had been living in to get ready to move in with their Aunt Sharon who Marissa, and supposedly the other four, had yet to meet. Throughout the whole moving process they had been living with Tara Evans, waiting to move in with their aunt and hopefully, having her being the only person who had to take care of them. Waiting though was not something they appreciated at all.

What peeved Marissa the most though was that throughout that whole experience their Aunt Sharon hadn't visited them. She wasn't their to help comfort, she wasn't helping them move in, nada. If she really did care about them then why wasn't she their? Why wasn't she at Marie's funeral when everyone else was there? Wasn't she Marie's sister who should of been saying her last goodbyes to her.

Marissa looked around at all the people there for Marie's funeral and was surprised to see so many people had actually attended. A lot of the people who had come were people she didn't even know, some she had seen from a distance, and one person she recognized for sure. It was who they referred to as "the second policeman" who the others and her had met several times before but still didn't know the name of. She was about to call out to him when the priest had said his last words and the ceremony ended. Tara Evans stepped forward and put a hand on Marissa's shoulder, her head hung low and tears staining her cheeks.

"We should go girls, and David," Tara said quietly. "Your aunt is most likely waiting for you."

"Can David come with us?" asked Selena.

"Yeah can I? Please," David also asked. "I am going to meet their aunt eventually."

"Fine, I guess."

"Yes! We needed someone to help break the ice between us if things got awkward," said Charlese. Tara was oddly quiet when Charlese said that.

"Hello? Tara?" said Evelyn raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah? Sorry spaced out a bit," chuckled Tara.

"You sure you're okay?" asked Marissa. Something seemed to be on her mind.

"Yes, yes. Let's just go now because like I said Sharon is probably waiting for us."

"Whatever then," Pito muttered suddenly and the six followed Tara to her green van, all seven of them piling inside, and driving away to their Aunt Sharon's house. As they drove Marissa stared out the window. Her thoughts were erratic, whatever popped into her head was what she pondered about. Looking at her sisters and David she sighed. It still amazed her that they all basically looked exactly alike, her sisters she meant, except for their hair.

The five had the same blue-grey eyes and face but it was a mystery to why they all ended up having different hair colors. Evelyn was blonde, Charlese a red head, Selena black hair, Pito long, brunette hair, and Marissa's own hair was like her belated mother's. It was brown, shoulder length hair that had little flecks of gold in it. When Marie was still alive people used to say Marissa looked exactly like her mother. But to think about Marie was still a bit painful, even if it didn't show on her face she felt the pain deep down inside.

Marissa had only known her mother for almost four months but during that time the two had become close, as if she had always been their with her. You see most of Marissa's life she lived without even knowing who her real parents were or even that she had sisters until the other four suddenly one day started to attend the same school as Marissa and David and the rest was history. Her life became from ordinary to extraordinary in just one day but even if she wanted to go back to her normal, boring life she couldn't, she was already in way too deep. Knowing what she did now about her sisters, her parents past, and already witnessing things that most people her age never even witness kept her where she was. But maybe now she would be able to start a little bit of a new life, even if she knew deep down that what had happened to them before wasn't over yet.

They would still have to watch their back wherever they went, they would still need to be cautious about things and be on the alert. It was all because of their sad past that they had to act the way they did. But I guess we weren't cautious enough were we? Marie was still poisoned and died...thought Marissa. At the moment only Marissa knew why Marie had been sick, the poison making her so, and the others still thought the sickness was unknown. The only reason Marissa didn't tell her sisters and David was because Marie had told her not to on her deathbed, otherwise they would of already known.

She felt bad for not telling them but whatever they didn't know wouldn't hurt them, or at least that was her philosophy on it. Turning a bit to look at the others hers eyes connected with David's hazel ones, a sad look in them. Marissa had known David since she was a little kid and the two had always been the best of friends. He knew everything about her and her sisters and had even been dubbed the secretary of their secret. David didn't even have an ability but he still helped them anyway he could no matter what he was.

Today David's normally semi-spiked brown hair was flatter on his head and his trademark smile was no longer on his face. Marissa gave David a small smile, reassuring him that everything was going to be okay and not to worry. David, satisfied, turned back to the front to stare out the window. Marissa did the same and was surprised to see them heading towards the outskirts of Boston and nearer to the coast. She raised an eyebrow to no one at noticing that.

"Our aunt lives near the coast of Boston?" Marissa said speaking her thoughts.

"Oh yes Sharon always loved the ocean. Just at looking where her house is situated you would be able to tell that," said Tara.

"Ok, where's her house then?" asked Selena. Tara smiled.

"Right over there," she said, nodding towards the scenery in the window. The others looked over to where she nodded and gasped. On the edge of a cliff stood a giant house which they guessed was their aunt's since it was the only one around.

"She lives here?" said Evelyn in awe.

"Yeah I was surprised too when I first saw this place but you guys will get used to it," said Tara. They didn't speak as Tara got out of the car and went to open the trunk. The girls and David followed Tara out and grabbed their bags full of their personal belongings since the rest of the stuff had been brought to the house the previous day. Walking up the stone path to the house Marissa got a chance to look at the house more carefully. The house was a huge two story house that was a nice light blue color with charcoal colored shutters and a beautiful mahogany door. The front lawn was huge and the view of the ocean was beautiful from where they stood.

"Like the place so far?" asked Tara smiling up at the house. All they could do was nod in response.

"Your aunt has been living here for as long as I could remember and yet the view of the ocean is still as breathtaking as ever every time I see it," she said gazing out at the ocean with a faraway look in her eyes.

"Has it really been that long?" said Charlese in disbelief.

"It has. I don't think Sharon will ever leave this house until the day she dies, which is basically when she's forced to leave this place behind her," said Tara.

"She really loves this place then," murmured Pito. Marissa sighed, just wanting to go inside the house and meet their aunt; she had a lot of questions to ask her. Tara seemed to realize this without even having to ask Marissa for she said "I think its time I go now."

"You're leaving? But you just got here. Don't you want to say hi to our aunt before you go?" said Selena, a frown forming on her face.

"I'm afraid I don't have time. There's too many things I have to do in so little time that I should leave now but she'll understand. Tell her I said hi though and oh! David. When you're ready to go home call my cell. Your mom asked me to take you home today because she has business to take care of and won't get home until late," said Tara addressing David on the last part.

"Its ok I can just walk if you're busy," he replied.

"No, that's ok, its not safe to walk the streets in the middle of the night by yourself anyways. You never know what could be waiting for you in the dark," was all Tara said, a grave look on her face as she walked back to her van and got in, starting up the engine, turning around and heading back to town. The six watched her go until she was out of sight, and turned back to the house. The five girls were nervous, fiddling with their bags and hair as they approached the house. Seeing the girls nervous David decided to ring the doorbell, knowing they were hesitant in doing so themselves. They heard noises from inside the house and then, before any of them could think of leaving, the door opened.

Standing there at 5'7 was their aunt, gazing upon them with a cool expression on her face. She had long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin was on the pale side but wasn't deathly so and her figure was slim.

"Well, well, well, I finally get to meet you girls. I have to say all of you are spitting images of your mother but Marissa, of course looks like her the most," said Sharon, her face spreading out into an icy smile. Their eyes widened in surprise.

"You know which one of us is which!" said Evelyn not seeming to expect her to know that.

"Well of course I do! You are my nieces and even though we never met I know you all," said Sharon surprised herself that they thought she wouldn't know who they were. Marissa frowned at this. Sharon seemed a little too suspicious to her so she stood straighter, and looked at Sharon head on. Of course, Sharon noticed this and chuckled.

"What? Do you already not trust me dear Marissa," inquired Sharon. Marissa didn't answer; David put a hand on her shoulder to stop her from retorting. Noticing David, Sharon grinned.

"Who is this?" their aunt asked them.

"His name's David," said Charlese.

"David? Do you have a last name?" said Sharon jokingly.

"Of course! Its Callahan," said David with a smile.

"Callahan?! Ah say hi to Barbara for me when you see her. We haven't talked in a while," said Sharon, absolutely delighted to have met him.

"Wait a second you know my mom?"

"Of course! We're good friends and I've known her for forever but like I said it's a pity we haven't got the chance to see each other lately."

"Geez David everyone seems to know your mom," said Pito in a mock scowl. A weird gleam came into Sharon's eyes when she said that. Marissa though, finally not able to take it anymore, shrugged off David's hand and took a step towards Sharon. Marissa only being 5'4 had Sharon looking down at her in amusement. About to speak, Marissa paused, a chill going up her arm and her breaking out in a shiver.

"Why is your house so cold?" growled Marissa. The others had noticed that too, shivering themselves.

"I like things cold...except my food of course," said Sharon cooly. Marissa shook her head in disbelief and said "what is the matter with you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Why are you pretending to care about us? This past month we have been grieving over the death of our mother, your sister, and not once had you come to visit us. Even when she was sick we never saw you and you weren't even at her funeral today!" yelled Marissa. Sharon's expression darkened.

"Do you seriously think I don't care about any of you? You don't even realize how badly I did want to see you five, how bad I did want to comfort you."

"Then why didn't you?"

"Your mother didn't want me to yet. None of you knew this but everyday while you were at school I took care of Marie. How else would she of survived during the day since Tara is a working person even though she makes so much time for everyone else. Your mother had said me seeing you five would of put more stress on you than you already had since at the time Damien was trying to annihilate all of you." The others froze.

"Yes I know everything about what happened to you. And take comfort in the fact that I was there for her on the day she died and said my goodbyes to her, just before any of you did."

"But you still didn't even bother to come to the funeral!" growled Marissa.

"Oh I was there, just again before you were."

"That's stupid. We could of just met you there!"

"But I had to get the house ready for you," said Sharon innocently.

"Ah! I'm tired of this! Tell us now what's your deal! Why do you have to be so secretive, even about your own sister's death!" roared Marissa. Sharon sighed, looking years older than she was doing it.

"Fine, I'll tell you my story but I'll tell you now, its going to be hard to understand and you're not going to like its outcome at all."

"We'll be able to comprehend it, don't worry," said David grinning.

"Fine then, shut the door and let me begin my tale of woe." They did what they were told and after sitting down on the tan couch in their aunt's living room she began.

"It all started when I was ten years old...

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