The Five

Of Fire and Ice

Chapter 2: Aunt Sharon's Story


"Wait. Before I really begin this story I hope you have realized by now that people's abilities manifest at the age ten," said Aunt Sharon as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Really?" said Selena with a frown. She had never realized that before.

"Well yeah didn't you guys realize it? I remember getting smarter at ten years old and even you guys said you remember getting your abilities at ten," remarked Marissa. It clicked in Selena's mind. That made sense.

"Oh yeah! Didn't mom also get her ability at ten?" asked Evelyn.

"Indeed she did, and so did I," said Sharon.

"Oh? Then how'd you get your ability then?" inquired Pito.

"I was going to get to that. So many years ago when I was only ten years old and your mother was only nine my ability manifested."

"I don't get something. How do the abilities manifest in the first place?" frowned David.

"Usually the ability is triggered by something and is completely random. If I have no more interruptions I will continue on with my story." No one else spoke so she continued.

"It was a cold winter afternoon, and I had nothing to do. Marie and I had been in the house all day doing nothing, and I was getting bored in our stuffy house. So finally fed up with it I asked my parents if I could go to the pond near our house to get inspiration. At the time I wanted to be an artist so I tried to get inspiration from everything. They let me, but made me wear my warmest clothes because they didn't want me to get sick from the cold."

"Wait a second what about Marie?" asked Charlese.

"What about Marie?"

"Didn't she go with you?" questioned Selena.

"Oh, no."

"What. Why not?" scowled Marissa.

"Because my parents had this rule: once you were ten you do whatever you wanted. Marie though wasn't ten yet, and even though I was ten they still thought I was too young to take care of Marie."

"Well that's a little weird considering they let you do whatever you wanted at ten," snorted Pito.

"It was, but that was the way my parents worked."

"Okay can we get back to the main story now?" begged Evelyn.

"Of course. The weirdest fog hung in the air outside as I made my way to the pond. It was a miracle I was even able to see; the fog was so thick I thought it would swallow me whole. Luckily though I reached the pond without tripping or stumbling once, a big accomplishment for me. The fog near the pond was thinner so no, I didn't just fall into the pond, or at least not yet."

"Not yet?" said Charlese with a frown.

"Just let me finish the story I'm going to explain in a minute. So anyways, I sat near the pond for a while, enjoying the scenery when I noticed something floating in the water. It looked like a bottle, but I wasn't sure so I moved closer to the pond to get a better look. That though, was the biggest mistake I could ever make. Stupid me didn't see the edge and instead of just perching on the edge of the pond I fell, plop, into the water.

"The water was icy, or at least that's what it probably felt like, but for some reason I didn't feel the iciness of it. Of course though I panicked, the water was deeper than it looked, and I was trying so hard to float back to the surface. My oxygen was running low, and in that moment I thought I was going to die. Then though, when I was slipping into unconsciousness, or maybe it was death, the weirdest thing happened. The whole pond froze, and when it did for some reason I was able to cut through the ice like butter, and make it out of the pond alive." The others froze.

"I never told my parents about what happened, heck, I didn't even tell Marie until way later, but after that day I wasn't normal anymore. I found out I had cyrokinesis, or in other words the ability make things freeze."

"Ice powers!" they cried. Sharon laughed.

"Ahaha yes, ice powers."

"This makes no sense. If you froze the lake then why didn't you die when trapped in the water?" asked David.

"Because, my ability makes me immune to coldness and being frozen myself."


"When I first discovered my ability I kept it a secret. I learned how to control it in secret, I trained in secret, I did everything in secret because I knew if anyone ever found out what I could do they would take me away from my family and lock me away somewhere to run experiments on me."

"Are you serious? You actually thought that someone would do that?" said Marissa in disbelief. The others shared a look.

"Of course I did! When I was growing up it was bad to be different and anyone different was usually condemned for it. Its still the same now because none of you could openly tell the public about what you can do. They'd lock you up in the nuthouse where you'd spend the rest of your life driving yourself crazy."

"Way to dampen the mood even more," grumbled Charlese. Sharon ignored her comment.

"For a whole year I went on like that, not telling anyone I could freeze things until of course Marie's accident."

"Marie's accident?" cried Selena.

"Yes, the day she got her ability, remember? She told you how she got her ability right?"

"Oh, that. Yeah she told us how she crashed into the tree with her bike," recalled Evelyn.

"Exactly! That day had been good before that stupid dog made Marie crash into the tree."

"Hey wait a second! Marie told us that before she blacked out she could of swore you were hit by one of the lightning bolts she conjured up," quipped Pito. Sharon grinned.

"Oh yes, I almost did."

"What happened?"

"When Marie hit the tree, I remember her screaming out in pain because it turned out she broke her arm, had a minor concussion, and split open her left leg on the chain of the bike. All that pain was too much for her so unknowingly to her she somehow managed to make lightning bolts come out of the sky. They struck out randomly, hitting the road, setting trees ablaze, just causing total chaos that seemed like it would never end. While all this destruction was going on I was trying to make my way to Marie, dodging whatever I could, while also giving that stupid dog that caused the accident a good kick that sent it running. Then though I heard Marie yell out 'watch out' for a lightning bolt was about to annihilate me.

"Right away I went to work with building myself an ice wall to protect myself from the bolt. It was already six feet thick when the bolt stricked the wall. Luckily because of the wall I was able to dodge the bolt before it hit me. The storm stopped after that and I was able to take Marie to the hospital to get a cast for Marie's arm, and stitch up her head and leg. When she woke up I told her what I could do, and how I got my ability, and how I thought she had an ability too: to control the weather.

"When our parents came for us later that day the two of us didn't say a word about what happened, and didn't tell them what we could do, we knew they wouldn't understand. That next couples of weeks were hard for Marie. Her ability tended to coincide with her emotions. When she was sad the weather was cold and foggy, when she was mad the weather got hotter, when she cried it rained, and when she was happy the day was nice and sunny. Only when she was really angry or in pain did lightning come out of the sky or thunder was heard, and only when annoyed or yelling did it get windy.

"Living with Marie when she was still trying to control her ability was chaotic. Eventually though she learned to control her ability and those things stopped happening. During that whole time though we contemplated why we were the way we were. Why were we able to do the things we did, and why us? Marie hated her ability and I only hated mine because it made me a freak.

"Then though we wondered if there were others like us and how we would be able to tell if there was. That was about when we discovered the mark that looked almost like a thickened X but wasn't. I don't know about you but I don't often look at my back much less my shoulders. So when we discovered the mark that was like a tattoo we were shocked by it and left us baffled. Neither of us could remember ever seeing the mark or even remember it was there.

"I thought the mark had to do with our abilities and later on we found out my hypothesis was right when we discovered someone else who had the same mark on her shoulder. The only reason we found out she had an ability was when she wore one of those off the shoulder tops and we saw the mark on her shoulder while walking through the crowd on Marie's first day at Carolwood High. It turned out she was in Marie's grade, and even in Marie's English class so later that day we cornered her and told her we knew she had an ability and that we did too. She was surprised at first to how we even knew but once we showed her the mark she knew. We found out from her that her ability was invisibility, and in turn we told her what we could do.

"Oddly enough though when we founded the Hero's Society she became our leader," said Sharon with a chuckle.

"What was her name? The women who became your leader?" inquired Marissa. Selena was wondering the same thing.

"Sara. Sara Barton. We chose her because she was strong and brave, and had all the qualities of a good leader."

"Hmm, never heard of her," said Charlese. Sharon grinned.

"Most of the members you don't know anyways. Boston is a big city."

"Yet it is small too," remarked Selena.

"It only seems small. Our city is big. Millions of people live here and yet the people with abilities are all brought together to make it seem as if we we're in a much smaller world than we are. Its as if fate brought us all here together."

"Fate? You think this was supposed to happen for a reason? All the things that happened to you, happened to us?" frowned Evelyn. They were all skeptical to fate, even Selena.

"I do. It could of only of been fate that brought us all together. I am done with my story. If you want you can check out your new rooms but Marissa, may I speak with you in private?" The others were already getting up and making for the stairs.

"Why?" growled Marissa.

"Because it is of a matter I know you know of." At that the others froze. What could Marissa know that they already didn't?


"Girls, David, come back in ten minutes if you want," said Sharon in a tone they knew meant they were excused. Moving to the stairs the five climbed them until they reached the top.

"Ok Evelyn do it," whispered Pito. Turning around Evelyn closed four out of the eight doors upstairs using telekinesis.

"What are you doing?" whispered Selena.

"Closing the doors so it seems like we're in our rooms," Evelyn whispered back.


"Because we're going to eavesdrop on their conversation," hissed Charlese.

"Shh! They're talking," chided David. The four were instantly silent. They heard Marissa sit back down on the couch. All five strained their ears to hear.

"So I know you know about how Marie died," said Sharon flat out. The five gasped silently. Selena could tell Marissa stiffened when Sharon said that.

"How do you know?"

"It's so obvious. You think I could of done something to prevent Marie from even dying."

"You could of! All of you in Hero's Society could of destroyed all the poison they had before they even injected her with it." All were bug eyed at that.

"We thought we did destroy it all. None of us knew they still had one vile left and were planning on using it against us."

"But why her?"

"You know perfectly well Marie wasn't the original target. They were trying to kill off your sisters and instead got Marie."

"But I still don't understand. What exactly is the poison? All I know is that Intera Inc. made it when they started experimenting on people."

"Yes, they made it then. They called the poison the Finisher, because they used it when the people they experimented on were at the last of their strength and couldn't be experimented with anymore. The poison was used to kill the people instantly, and they used the poison so the people they experimented on could never tell anyone what happened to them. It was as if the person dropped off the face of the earth."

"If that's so then why did it take months for Marie to die after being injected?" growled Marie.

"Because your mother was a perfectly healthy person and her body was trying to fight the poison. She was always a fighter your mother."

"What I don't get is why they only made a limited amount of the stuff." Sharon snorted.

"Nobody else seems to know either."

"This is absolutely crazy. How is any of this even possible? Why do we even have to be wrapped up in all this mess?"

"I don't even have the answer to that," sighed Sharon. The five who were sitting on the stairs quietly left their spot and opened one of the rooms upstairs, closing the door behind them. It turned out to be Selena's own room because the walls were painted silver and all of Selena's furniture was in it. Evelyn, Charlese, and Pito sat seething on Selena's bed while David sat on the floor bewildered and Selena sat at her desk in disbelief. A few minutes later Marissa entered the room. Five pairs of eyes stared at her when she did, three in anger, and two in confusion.

"What?" said Marissa with a frown.

"When were you planning on telling us Marie died from poison," said Charlese coldly. Marissa froze.

"How could you do that? How could you keep that a secret from us? We're Marie's daughters too we deserve to know how she died!" cried Evelyn. Selena was so confused that she couldn't even be mad.

"You think I even wanted to keep that a secret from you guys? Marie, on her death bed told me not to tell you guys probably because of the way you're acting now," yelled Marissa.

"Why would she want that? You were only her daughter for four months while we were her daughters all our lives," snorted Pito. Selena cringed. That was definitely a blow.

"I don't know! I didn't ask for any of this! We would of all been better off not knowing!" sobbed Marissa. Tears streamed down her face for the first time in a month. David held her as she sank to the ground, her body shaking.

"Look what you did now! You made her cry!" shouted David. The others looked guiltily at the ground. Selena then spoke.

"You know Marissa, if none of us had known what happened to Marie for the rest of our lives we would have been miserable over it. Now that we know, we're not left wondering."

"Yeah, but do you feel any better now knowing she was basically murdered?" snapped Marissa. None of them did. An awkward silence filled the room until finally Marissa spoke.

"You know what how about we stop keeping secrets from each other? That way no one has to be pissed off at anyone and then no one will have to worry about not knowing anything." The others agreed silently, and the rest of that day seemed to go by faster. At six-thirty Tara Evans came for David. After that they had a quiet dinner, for no one felt like talking. When the dinner was done all the girls went to their respectable rooms for the night. Before Selena fell asleep that night though she thought to herself. This summer is going to be long…it's technically the first day of our new lives and already it's chaotic…let's hope we can survive this summer in one piece.

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