Best Years

Try taking a step back
Take a seat
No need to speed up
There's something you gotta see

You're growing up
And moving on
You're being let down
And being left alone

But maybe if you listen
To what I have to say
Happy tears may come to your eyes
There's more I have to say;

And here it goes;

Remember when you were happy, smiling all the time
Not a care in the world
Or a worry in your mind
Everything was just fine

And then I think again
I'm growing up fast
You don't have much time
To be a kid
And claim what's yours
Because once it's all gone
It's rough here on out

So let go of that girl, that boy who said no
Let go of that fight
You'll bite yourself later
Let go of your grudge, your tears
That moment
Let go of your past
And don't forget this.

So let the time go
Stop chasing what you can't have
Dream big, progress small
Laugh Often
And don't forget

And if you forget your childhood
Remember the highlights
Forget the down lows.
Stop being mad
Try smiling
I know it sucks
Hang in there
You'll miss it

Be honest
Don't lie
Reset, unwind
Try crying out of happiness
I know you didn't think this would be where you are
But it is
Get use to it
You'll step in line

So we can cry over moments
We can let go of our sanity
I can get a little crazy
But everyone's always there
It's not about the bad moments
But the moments that stand still
The one moment of definition
I'll cherish them well
Tied up in a box
Locked up tight
Never forget, these are the best years of our lives.