she caught your eye
by surprise - you were
amazed and confused.
so long after being
mistreated and abused.
you followed her around,
not like a stalker - hell you
just wanted to talk to her.
but everytime you tried -
you words turned to mush,
and you would follow with
a blush. she would giggle and
she would laugh, but then she
would pass. you were nothing
after all - just another shadow
on the wall. finally you took
a leap and ask for her number,
and to your surprise you didn't
plunder. so two weeks later,
you ask her out - and what a
surprise, she doesn't shout.
a simple yes, and a kiss on the
cheek - this girl you know she's
the best.

i remember your face,
that touch - when lips
brush. the sound of
your laughter, the way
you just grab me out of
nowhere and say everything
i want to hear. and then i wake
up - i'm clutching my pilliow, curled
up in a ball, i guess i didn't remember
you after all. i walk down the same
halls you used to, i feel my breath
leaving and the tears falling. and
somewhere - someone is calling me
name. but it doesn't matter, because
it isn't the same. stevie liked it so
that's why its here.

she can't remember -
she can't forget, she
stuck in the circle of
hopeless. once upon
a time, he was her love -
damn that boy, her
everything. he was
the guy who made
her heart sing. with
one kiss, he was
the one boy she'd
always miss. he
was perfect, and
amazing - that was
just the beginning.
he was thoughtful,
and funny. smart
and sweet - he
couldn't be beat.
her knight in shinning
armor - if she ever
needed recusing.
she was in love.
& that's the end.
he broke her heart,
with a cruel lie -
he couldn't take it
back nor apologize.
she cried her eyes
out, flooded the
world - for the boy
she couldn't live

without a grace,
without a pace.
without a taste.
without a bass.
without a chase.
he took her in
his arms - and
she fell in love.