So these two kids with grey skin and jet black hair were sitting in these chairs at this table one day. The only way you could tell them apart was because one of them had grey eyes and the other one had black eyes. They were named Edmund and Edgar. So I guess that both of them could go by 'Eddie' if they ever wanted to, like that guy from Rocky Horror, except skinny and without gaping flesh wounds at their foreheads. Also, neither of them knew how to play the saxophone. They preferred the oboe, which they had mastered well enough that they could control bats and spiders and worms and all sorts of creepy crawlies with their enchanting and haunting music.

As time went on, their musical powers grew. At this point in time, when they were sitting at the table, they were both thirteen, and in the previous week they had just summoned a miniature space ship from out of nowhere, put one of their wormy minions in it, and sent it jetting off to the moon. They were so powerful that the atmosphere didn't burn up the miniature aircraft, and the worm was currently alive and well and having a splendid time orbiting Venus.

Edgar and Edmund were sitting in their chairs staring straight ahead at a very fascinating white wall, saying nothing to each other, when all of a sudden a purple moose with bright pink polka dots walked in. Edgar and Edmund were very surprised, for they had never seen such colors before. It just stood there, chewing on a few blades of grass in that way that moose chew – with their jaws going from side to side. Actually, I'm not sure at all if that is actually the way that a moose chews. I've never actually seen a moose chewing in real life. I only know what I've seen in the few cartoons where a moose was privileged to make an appearance.

In my opinion, moose needed to make more appearances in cartoons, and TV in general. Moose rocked.

The moose didn't really do anything. It just sort of walked into the room and stared at them. And then it left, never to be seen again. And that's the end of the story.