Craving Him.

Chapter 1.

Bella woke up at the sound of her alarm ringing, It was 6:00 am and time to get up for school. I hit the off button on the alarm, groaned and turned over in the bed burying her face in the pillow.

"Bel honey wake up its time for school" I heard her mum Daniel say standing outside her room.

"I'm up mom" I opened my eyes and looked around my room. Two walls of my room where covered in sky blue color while the other two where a cream color. My bed was pushed against the cream wall facing the blue wall which where covered in curtains so the sunlight wouldn't come in ,the opposite wall had my wardrobe, a shelf with all mg books most of them romance novels because i was a crazy reader and her desk.

I stood up and started getting ready for school. I walked to MY wardrobe and took out a pair of jeans and a grey t shirt with girls rock written in the front put it on and walked downstairs to the kitchen where I saw my mum washing dishes after having her own breakfast.

"Good morning mum"

"Morning honey, what will you have for breakfast?"

"Just some cereal."

"ok you know where everything is. Don't be late for school your dads already left so you'll have to walk".

"ok mum".

My dad insisted on driving me to school every morning although it was only four blocks away. So who was I to say no to a free ride, but I didn't mind walking either when he couldn't drive me. He had his own business of buying new computers and repairing old ones.

"I'm going to the daycare centre they need some volunteers today. I'll be back by the time you come back from school"

After my mum left it was quiet again. She volunteered at the day care centre whenever one of their own staff couldn't come to work and every Saturday because their where more kids that day and the daycare was understaffed. I washed my dishes picked up my backpack and walked to school. It was a beautiful October morning ,the sun was shining but it wasn't very hot so I didn't mind walking.

I reached Madison High school. I was finally in my senior year and could go off to college next year. I made my way over to my locker and saw my best friend Gypsie waiting for me as usual surrounded by a couple of jocks. She was one of the most popular girls in school and guys went crazy over her and yet she didn't let that go to her head ,where as I was the girl no one noticed, I had brown hair which curled at the ends, hazel eyes which I thought was totally boring and to top it all off I was only "5'2" how sad was that.

"Hey Gyps"

"Hey Bell". she turned around and told the guys she would see them later .They left and she turned back to me , I opened my locker and got the books I needed.

"So did any of them ask you out". I asked.

"Yeah, Jack did".

Jack was the popular guy in school and the captain of the football team. He was around 6 feet tall with blond hair and blue eyes. He had the whole surfer look going, you know what I mean.

"And did you say yes"

"I was going to until he opened his mouth and started listing all the advantages I would have going out with him"

"Seriously he said that".Oh did I forget to mention he was very full of himself.

"yeah". I started laughing and Gypsie glared at me.I closed my mouth and started looking around innocently an angry Gypsie was not a very nice Gypsie.

Gypsie and i had been friends since we where in our diapers. We had played together when we where kids. Where I was shy and quiet she had an opinion about everything and she didn't mind letting you know, I don't know how we have remained friends through all these years being so different from each other.

"You where later than usual today, what happened?" Gyps asked

"Dad had to go to work early so had to walk".

"Oh, you could have called me I live right across the street you know"

"Yeah I know, but I knew you had swim practice today and would've already left early"

"Oh yea I forgot"

We reached our class and took a sit at our desks.

It was finally the end of the school day and week, I walked to the parking lot and waited for Gypsie leaning on her car we always rode home together, I saw her walking out of the school doors five minutes later.

"Sorry you had to wait, my math teacher Mr. Weather wanted to talk to me".

"It's ok , by the way did you ask your parents about staying over at my place instead of going to your grandparents".

"Oh yea I did, they said it was fine". So we got into her car and drove home.

Gypsies parents where going out of town for a vacation with my parents for the weekend which left us all alone Gypsie was gonna stay at her grandparents because her brother Neil who was a senior in college and couldn't come home because he had an exam so was my brother Sam as they both went to the same college.

I had two brothers Jack was the oldest and was in law school followed by Sam who was a senior in worked as an intern in a law firm and was working on an important case so he couldn't come stay with me, so I was gonna go stay with him at his Gypsie and I had wanted to stay together so I had talked to my parents and after a lot of cajoling and making puppy dog faces they had agreed as long as Gyps parents were fine with it.

"So what time you gonna come over?"

"Well I thought after they left".


"I thought we could rent some movies that would be totally fun" I looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"Are you crazy, our parents are going out of town we should go to parties and have fun".

"Gyps you know I don't like parties, why can't we just stay home and watch movies".

"God Bel, what would you do without me, sometimes I think you are some old person trapped inside a teenagers body, if it wasn't for me you would probably spend the whole day locked up in your room reading those romance novels". It was true if I got a good romance novel in my hand I wouldn't leave my room until I finished it, I knew she thought it was nerdy but I just couldn't help it. We reached home and got out of the car.

"See you later Gyps".

"OK bye"

I walked to my front door and opened it ,went upstairs and put my backpack in my room, I left and went looking for my parents, I saw them doing some last minute packing , they were leaving in about two hours.

"Hey mum, hey dad…you still not done"

"Almost sweetie, how was your day?" my mum asked

"It was alright"

"There is some food in the fridge if you're hungry"

"Nah I'm good". The phone rang and I left to pick it up.


"Hey kiddo how you doin?''

"Jack is that you, where have you been I haven't seen you I forever"

"you saw me just two weeks ago"

"Yeah but it seems like forever"

"I'll come home as soon as am free kid"

"Don't call me kid I'm seventeen you know"

"Yea but to me you'll always be kid "

"Whatever, did u wanna talk to mum and dad?"

"Nah I already talked to them, I called to talk to you"

"Oh, so what's up?"

"Are you sure you're gonna be ok all alone?"

"Jack come on I'm seventeen not seven I don't need a babysitter and anyway I won't be alone Gypsie will be here with me". I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"That's what I'm worried about that girl can get into more trouble than anyone I know"

"Hey that's my best friend your talking about"

"I know and she's like a sister to me just like you doesn't mean I don't know her flaws"

"Yea, yea I know...anything else?"

"yeah . no boys allowed in the house, I'll passing by to check up whenever I can"

"God Jack you worry too much you know I wouldn't do anything like that"

"I know…. Doesn't mean I don't worry…I have to go I'll see you later take care and tell mum and dad I said bye …I love you"

"OK love you too"

My parents left after a while with the usual warning and all. Gypsie came over and I finally convinced her to watch a movie after a lot of begging and threats, she only agreed on the condition that tomorrow we would do whatever she wanted. God only knew what kind of trouble she was going to put us into.

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