The Fairy...

Water drops hang like precious gems,

and if you take one down unbroken

It will give you magical dreams.

So awake now from your slumbers,

how the sun shines bright this morn.

Raise yourself up and take wing!

Adorn yourself with petals soft,

like jewels twined in your hair

as you float free upon the wind.

Should you be startled from your play,

don't fret, don't shy, don't flit away

but stay awhile, hear what they say.

Fly strong and fast and always free,

use the time well to bless and heal

while the sun is in the sky.

But when the evening draws near

and the suns strength is dimmed,

then lay your head upon a cloud to rest.

So small and fragile, full of life,

a treasure to behold are you,

the fairy that came past this way.