A Fairies Lament.

It's who I am, or can't you see,

This form that shy's from your sight.

Those things there are a part of me,

Wings that glitter in the light.

Water drops like little diamonds

Caught glistening in my hair.

A dress seemingly made from blossoms,

It is soft and light as air.

See how my eyes and heart do cry

At the sight of all the evil in you.

As the last light leaves the evening sky

I must beware of things you do.

Shadows flit and fall across my face

Hiding these sad and lonely tears.

As I watch you destroy this place

That was my home for many years.

My life it slowly drains away,

Joys light fades from my being.

Full of sadness, Oh dismal day!

You don't care who you are killing.

But as we, her carers leave,

The world around you begins to die.

And when she no longer breathes

How then shall you get by?

When all that is green has faded

And water no longer flows free,

When human power has fatelly jaded

The beauty of earth, sky and sea,

The fairies will no longer take flight

Because of many sorry things.

We'll leave you to your dreadful plight,

For 'twas you who tore off our wings.