an ode to the nose


Some noses are long and nearly oblong,
(I wonder whose nose is like that?)
Some noses are peaky and often seem beaky,
While some rather tend to be flat.

You don't need my telling your nose is for smelling.
A nose has its use and its place,
With eyes up above and a mouth where you shove
All the things when you're feeding your face

A nose often twitches, it tingles and itches,
A nose is a very good friend.
But, in the bright sunshine, the trouble with mine
Is it often goes red on the end.

We really should care that a nose breathes in air,
But the thing that a poor nose will dread -
It's shaken and shocked when beastly and blocked
By a terrible cold in the head.

And then it goes funny, it's sore and it's runny,
It drips and it dribbles below.
You mother will issue your nose with a tissue
And then she gives orders to blow!

A nose can vibrate if it stays up too late,
And so I will plead and implore -
It should here be said when a nose goes to bed
We cannot permit it to snore!

Oh, the scent it will bring of the flowers in spring,
And the smells that are wafting from shops
Of crackling french fries and crisp, meaty pies
And the sizzle of barbecued chops.

The nose does its best, with no time to rest,
To send a quick note to your brain
'Bout the smell of cut grass, the raindrops that past
(Thought I'd better not mention our drain).

Somes noses are heckled because they are speckled
And yet we should find them appealing.
We can well do without nasty words such as "snout",
Remember, a nose has some feeling.

What? Trade in my nose? Now do you supposed
That I'm just a common nose seller?
Dear nose, have no fear! Let's give three hearty cheers,
Hurrah for a jolly good smeller!

(c) copyrighted 03.30.01 , 02:25:29