End of Man


Azena Kira


An image of the Earth appears in mind. Many animals surrounded by lush forest. Slowly, the forest faded to nothing but desert and lifelessness. The animals all disappeared into the ground as if they were never there in the first place. The Earth began to quickly corrode as if something you would see in a black and white movie… And then faded out of view.


Clean air being clouded with smoke and a strong sulfur smell. Noses curled and heads trying to get the smell out of their noses. Nothing could be seen but the blackness of the sky and a small yellow light of towers bellowing out smoke.


The ocean comes into view… Bright and crystal clear blue in the son… Then becomes dyed the metallic colour of blood. The liquid was thick and coarse. It was impossible you call it water anymore… It was tainted with death. The current ceased to flow and the ocean became as lifeless as the land.


Every building ever known appeared in flames. Everything could be destroyed… And we didn't even have to try. Fire burned anything and everything that remained. Any animal that had survived was engulfed into flames and fell to the ground shaking. Every lush green tree that had not turned to sand had turned orange in the light of the embers attacking it. The heavy air reacted with the fire and made it bigger… brighter… more vengeful.


The humans' lives slowly unfolded before their eyes. They had destroyed their own world with their own hands. They believed it couldn't happen in their lifetime, but they were wrong. They were the destroyers of Earth… The only planet they could live on. With the fall of the planet not like a living hell, they lost their faith and slowly… Slowly… Died out with the land.