I walk through dark hallways in my mind

Candles flicker, giving illumination to forgotten memories

The boards are creaky,

A mustiness of abandon in the air

Cold wind rushed past my ankles and lifts my hair

The candles glow stronger and suddenly, you are there

You stand in front of me clearly in the gloom

Demanding nothing and understanding all

I shiver as your eyes lock to mine,

Delving into my core

They scower every corner of that old and dusty house

They turn up all the lights and fling the doors wide

Then you take my hand, no word had been said

You hand me a key

It is power for my secret can be safe from others

And my fears safe from me

Now as I stare into your eyes, you hold nothing back

And let me explore your own quiet corridors of thought

As I open my eyes and seen the moon above

Your form fades before me, into the stars

But you continue to haunt me with your warm eyes

Your ghost is now within me

Protected by the key