10th of March

Dear Mr. Welsh,

I'm glad to inform you that you are one of the lucky few chosen to have won a thousand dollars in prize money in our weekly draw. You have to come down to our headquarters to collect your prize before the 25th of this month. Our headquarters address can be found at our company's website. Thank you.


Jonathan Robertson

Head of Robertson Industries and Telecoms.

'Hello? I have this letter? I'm supposed to have won a prize in some lucky draw?' Bert was suspicious about the letter in the first place but the lure of the prize money was just too much for him. He needed the cash for his college fund desperately, he owed the school months of fees and was about to get his ass kick of out West Cliffs High.

The place where Bert was supposed to collect his prize is in an old and dark warehouse. 'Who gives out prizes in old warehouses anyway?' Bert wondered out loud. 'Me.' came a reply. And that was the last thing Bert heard.

Somewhere, Ed blacked out.