Chapter 1

Chapter 1

'Ed! Ed! Dude, are you ok?'

'Urgh... What happened?'

'I don't know dude. You just passed out. Are u high or something?'

As Nick helped Ed to his feet, Nick can't help but sense Ed was hiding something from him. He could read Ed like a book. He took a glance at Ed's hands while helping him up. Ed had worn gloves to school as he always did. This was to hide the hideous scar on his right palm.

Nick met Ed during high school. Ed was his lab partner in a somewhat disastrous chemistry class. They tried everything together, mixing all sorts of chemicals, trying every combination. It's a wonder their science teacher, Mr. Grant, didn't kick them out of his class, even after the incident which almost blinded him.

'Do you want to go check it out? Go to the doctor or something?'

'Nah. It's ok. Maybe it's the sun. I just need to sit down.'

Sitting down on the park bench, Ed thought back on what he saw. Where did it happened? Who was that guy? And why did he look so much like me?

'The experiment is underway. Stage 1 is complete. The boy is eliminated.'

'Good job, Jonathan.'

Jonathan Robertson isn't the 'Head of Robertson Industries and Telecoms' as the letter has stated. He was a mercenary for hire, an assassin by profession, a killer.

Contrary to popular belief, assassins are not cold blooded. Jonathan was strongly against killing a teenager but he knew the boy was going to die anyway. It was either him or some other assassin. At least he tried to keep it as painless as possible. A strong poison dart to the neck. Some sick pervert would have played with the boy before killing him.

'Your next assignment, get the other one.'