Brown Eyes

Brown eyes bring out compassion

unless they are filled with lies

I'll always have a question

when I look into your eyes

Just tell me the truth always

lead me away from your maze

I won't be caught in your maze

just give me some compassion

you push me away always

with your cold heart and cruel lies

but I just can't leave those eyes

leaving isn't the question

The truth I can't question

your gaze leaves me in a maze

don't look at me with those eyes

have a little compassion

let me leave, don't hide your lies

Why do I love you always?

I'll be with you for always

But your truth I still question

I'll never see through your lies

they weave such a complex maze

...if I understood your eyes...

You still fool me with those eyes

but honestly I always

thought you knew some compassion

your morals we all question

you must get lost in your maze

and all those breakable lies

You must get caught in those lies

even with those deep brown eyes

that lead through a giant maze

will you ever love always?

or will I always question?

can you create compassion?

lies are all you have always

eyes can mean lies, I question

the maze that is compassion