The rain.. she always knew when the rain was coming.

She sat on her favorite park bench as her eyes remained shut and her hair whipped all around her. She smoothed her curly brown hair back behind her ear as she smiled when she felt the first raindrop hit her cheek.

Suddenly she heard the soft patter of footsteps approaching. She knew that walk, even before the person who approached her spoke, Lydia smiled and said "Emma.. did mother send you to find me again..?"

Her younger sister sighed gently and said "Lydia.. you need to stop leaving like this without telling mom... she always worries about you.. come on let's go home.."

Lydia smiled and nodded as she opened her eyes. All she saw before her was vast darkness. Calmly she stood up and held out her hand for Emma to take. Her sister smiled and took her hand as she looked into her sister's smoky gray eyes and whispered " Come on let's go home.."

Lydia nodded as she clutched to her sister and they walked home with the gentle shower falling all around them.

Lydia arrived home and sat down in her favorite chair, the one that felt like velvet to the touch. She settled down into it when she recognized the usual stomping of her mother walking towards her.

She knew this to be the angry walk and sighed shutting her eyes and shaking her head. The footsteps stopped in front of her as her mother huffed in frustration and said angrily "Lydia how DARE you go out without telling me! Without your sister! AND without your walking stick!"

Lydia shook her head and mumbled " I hate that damn stick mother! It is an annoyance and people treat me like a cripple!"

"Because you DO need special help my are as stubborn as your father..." her mother said gently with a sigh of annoyance. She stood up and said "We almost have enough money to get you a seeing-eye dog, but for now the cane stays.. do you understand?"

Lydia just nodded as her mother stood up and left the room.

About ten minutes later, Josie, her older sister entered the room. She was always very kind to Lydia just like Emma. Josie smiled at seeing her sister and said "Mom wants us to go into town and buy some groceries for dinner.. want to come with Emma and me?"

Lydia smiled and nodded as she carefully stood from her chair and clutched her walking stick in her hand. Her sisters helped to guide her to the front door where they all put on rain coats and then began to walk slowly into town.

Lydia sat in a cafe while her sisters went shopping. She was sipping a hot tea while listening to the cars pass by outside and the soft murmur of the people around her.

Walking along the other side of the street was a dark figure who was looking for his dinner. His attention shifted to the cafe, however when he noticed a beautiful girl, sitting by herself.

He was only looking at her from a side angle, but her curly brown hair made her look gorgeous. He nodded thoughtfully and smirked as he disappeared into the shadows of the night.

Meanwhile Lydia pulled out a five dollar bill her sister had given her and left it on the table. She stood up slowly and guided herself out with the help of her cane and then once outside the cafe she could tell it was night.

The air was crisper and cooler and she no longer felt the warmth of sun on her face. With one hand against the brick wall and the other clutching her cane she slowly made her way back towards the market.

Lydia sat at the supper table after they had all finished eating. Emma sat there with her as they both picked at the cheesecake they had bought for dessert. Lydia ate small bits and pieces of it as she sighed softly.

Emma noticed something was wrong with her sister and touched her sister's hand gently. "What is wrong Lydia?" she asked in a soft voice.

Lydia just shook her head and said " I don't know.. my whole life I have been so protected and shielded from the world.. I want to experience something amazing.. I am just so bored as of late.. you know?"

Her sister nodded and they just continued eating on in silence.

Finally Lydia went upstairs and lay down on her bed and just fell asleep in her regular clothes, not caring. She sighed softly in her sleep as her heart yearned for adventure but her disability made it so much harder..