Sorry for the long wait on an update! Once finals were over, Christmas and New Years were super busy and then my new semester started! Thanks for being so patient :)! Enjoy the update ^_^!Lydia lay writhing and screaming on the floor in absolute agony. Her trembling hands covered her eyes as blood trickled down her face and hit the floor.

Turuseon fell to his knees and gathered her into his arms. He tried to calm her with soothing whispers into her ear. However, Lydia was in a state of absolute shock over what had transpired between her and Lord Staykus.

She continued to thrash in his arms and tried to claw her way free, scratching at his face and acting absolutely hysterical.

Lydia's screams echoed around the room and were easily heard by some of the staff on that floor of the castle. A few braver members of the household ventured towards Lydia's room in a rush, wanting to see what was going on!

"Master Turuseon!?" Josephine asked with a gasp. She had opened the door and come about the dismal scene of her master clutching a completely hysterical Lydia.

"Get me the tranquilizer!" Turuseon yelled at his maid.

"My lord-?" Josephine asked, looking down at Lydia with much concern in her hazel eyes.

"Get it now dammit!" he barked out the order again.

Josephine rushed into the closet and grabbed the medical supply box and grabbed one of the calming tranquilizers her master kept handy in case someone did get out of control.

She hurried back into the room and handed the syringe to her Master. "Hold her arms the best you can," Turuseon grunted. Slashes were evident across his face where Lydia had clawed with her sharp nails. However, they were slowly healing because of his own immortality.

Josephine struggled but grabbed Lydia's arms and held them as best she could. Lydia was immortal now after all and was much stronger than Josephine.

Turuseon bit the capped end off the syringe with his teeth and spit it to the side. He looked down at Lydia apologetically. "I'm sorry," he murmured as he stabbed the needle into her right thigh.

An anguished yelp was emitted from Lydia's lips and as soon as the tranquilizer was injected she became limp. Her head collapsed back against Josephine's chest and the maid struggled to hold all her weight carefully and not let her hit her head on the floor.

Josephine scooted back further so Lydia's head could rest in her lap. Tenderly she brushed the curls out of Lydia's face and she gasped in shock. Now that Lydia was passed out her hands had fallen from her face and collapsed to her sides like dead weight.

"My god..." Josephine whispered, touching a trembling finger to Lydia's cheek, "Master what on earth happened to her face?"

"Staykus, that's what," Turuseon growled as he tenderly took Lydia into his arms and stood up.

"Master I will go fetch the doctor immediately and get some bandages-" Josephine began.

"Forget it, no mortal doctor could understand her condition. I will personally nurse her back to health myself. Now please, just go and fetch some hot blood tea for her and a bowl of hot water," Turuseon ordered.

Josephine stood up and curtsied respectfully and disappeared to follow her master's orders.

Meanwhile, Turuseon was gently depositing Lydia down onto the bed. Her head fell back amongst the pillows and her curls splayed all out around her pretty face.

It took all his courage not to look away. Guilt gnawed away at his insides as Turuseon looked down into her bloody face.

"This is all my fault," he whispered to Lydia. "I am so sorry Lydia. I should've set you free that night i took you away from Staykus. But no I tricked you that night you thought I was taking you home. Because of my own selfishness and loneliness you are suffering the painful consequences. I am such a greedy bastard."

Turuseon just continued to have mental images of Lydia pop into his mind. Every time she discovered something new with her sight, she would laugh out in delight and tell him all about her. The way her eyes lit up with such joy at being able to see the stars, rain trickling down the window pains, the moon light flooding the gardens...she never took one day with her sight for granted.

And just like that, it had been taken away. "All because of me. It's my fault your gift is gone," Turuseon sobbed as he pulled her into his chest, her head drooping heavily against his chest.

His thick blood tears slid down his pale face and stained her top as he cried, burying his face into her pretty dark curls. Lord Turuseon was in anguish all because of the fact that he believed the damage done by Lord Staykus was just too much to be healed, even with Lydia's own immortal blood and abilities.

After a long while of sobbing, a soft knock on the door made him come out of his tormented trance. "Enter," he said in a weak stood up and walked into the bathroom as Josephine entered with the tray of steaming tea and water.

"Master shall I set it on the bedside table?" he heard his maid's gentle voice inquire.

"Yes, that will be all Josephine. I will call you if I am in need of any thing else," he responded from the bathroom.

He heard the door shut quietly and he sighed in relief. While in the bathroom he gathered some clean cloths and fresh bandages from the medicine cabinet.

Returning to the bedroom he sat down on the bed and lowered Lydia's head down into his lap. Reaching over he grabbed the bowl of hot water and set it down to his side. Turuseon dipped a clean cloth into the bowl and then rung it out a bit.

With the utmost care he began to wash the dry blood away from Lydia's eyes, cheeks, and forehead. The blood was easily washed away, all evidence of the attack disappearing except for the deep gashes around her eyes. Lydia's eyes were now closed and Turuseon didn't dare try and open them yet and observe the damage left by his old foe.

After her face was washed clean, he set the cloths and bowl aside. With his sharp fangs he bit down onto his tongue, grimacing in momentary pain. Once his tongue was bleeding he leaned down over Lydia's face and tenderly kissed each eye lid and deposited some of his stronger blood onto the gashes that surrounded her eyes.

Turuseon pulled away and noticed that already the healing process seemed to be speeding up. His tongue healed quickly and as he remained so close to Lydia's face he couldn't stop himself from slowly kissing her soft lips.

He enjoyed the intimate moment for a few seconds and then pulled away. Turuseon grabbed the bandages and began to wrap them around her head, covering her eyes and keeping them safe from any further germs.

Once her eyes were bandaged up he turned Lydia around so her head was resting once again on the soft pillows. "Rest for now my wounded angel," Turuseon whispered as he stroked a finger down her soft, cool cheek.

He stood up and left Lydia alone for a moment, before ordering Josephine to remain with her while he left to go feed and regain his strength.

"Hmm..." Lydia groaned as she began to stir on the bed. The warm covers had been pulled up over her body and she was deeply snuggled amongst the pillows and blankets.

"T...Turuseon?" she groaned, clutching a hand to her head as she sat up. She tried to rub her tired eyes with her other hand but gasped as her fingers met with a rough bandage.

"Wh..what?" she gasped in confusion, becoming fully alert now. "What's going on? Why can't I open my eyes? What is on my face!?"

Lydia whimpered and began to tug at the bandages wrapped snugly around her head.

"Woah, calm down please Lydia," Josephine's voice kindly soothed. Lydia felt warm hands grip her wrists gently and she stopped tugging at her bandages.

"Josie, what is going on?" Lydia asked urgently.

"You just need to calm down. Here, have a cup of blood tea, it's nice and hot," Josephine placed the steaming cup into Lydia's trembling hands.

"Tell me what is going on!" Lydia angrily asked. She hated how Josephine was avoiding answering her question.

"Lydia, please stay calm. You were attacked by Lord Staykus-" the maid explained.

With a gasp, Lydia almost dropped her tea. "You're right!" she exclaimed.

"He wounded your eyes and some of your face very badly. You were in such intense pain you didn't even realize how hysterical you were. Master had to knock you out and then tended to your wounds," she finished.

"The needle," Lydia grimaced, remembering the string she had felt on her thigh.

"Yes it was a tranquilizer. But now you are awake and nicely bandaged up Lydia," Josephine said in a more cheerful tone, patting Lydia's arm.

Lydia wrenched her arm away from Josephine. " eyes were hurt you say? Staykus attacked me so suddenly I don't even remember him hurting me really. Am I going to be okay?"

Silence was followed as Josephine nervously cleared her throat, "The Master did his best to treat them after you were knocked out."

"My eyesight is probably lost forever isn't it?" Lydia almost sobbed out, dropping her tea onto the bed as she began to shake with emotions, on the verge of losing control.

"I don't know," Josephine responded quietly, not able to look at the upset and very distraught Lydia.

Lord Turuseon stood in the doorway as he watched Lydia finally collapse to the bed and sob, "I'm back in my world of darkness, for eternity this time!" That just wrenched at his heart even more, as the guilt seemed to eat away at his very soul.

Thanks for reading chapter fifteen! I just wanted to write a quick response to a few questions that reviewers have been asking. I know the story can get a little confusing with all the characters and Lydia being switched around constantly. So here is a quick recap of the story and the characters to clear the air for anyone who is confused!

Lord Staykus: he was the first vampire to actually see Lydia. He was the one who originally captured her and forced her to become a vampire. At first he was infatuated with her beauty but after he realized she was blind he thought she wasn't perfect enough to be his mate, so he basically just gave her to his friend, Lord Turuseon. In the end though he regretted it and forced her into becoming a vampire and now wants her back with him as his mate. Staykus has silvery-white hair and icy blue eyes.

Lord Turuseon: he is the more gentle of the two vampires. He comes across as cruel at certain points in the stories, he just isn't sure how to express these new emotions and sensations that Lydia is making him feel. He is the one who basically rescues her from Lord Staykus after she is forced to become a vampire against her will, and he falls in love with her as she stays at his home and he comes to know her even more. Turuseon has dark golden eyes and dirty blonde hair.

Lydia: the main heroine of the story. She was born blind but was given her vision once the gift of immortality was forced onto her. She is caught in the middle of a love triangle between Turuseon and Staykus. She knows that Staykus is cruel after his attack on her, but she isn't sure what to think of Turuseon anymore. Lydia has curly brown hair and grey eyes. Things will eventually unfold between her and him, but will the outcome be good or bad :). Keep reading updates to find out.

Josephine: a minor character. She is just a loyal maid in the household staff of Lord Turuseon. When Lydia is first given to Turuseon by Staykus, she is ordered to basically be Lydia's personal maid. She cares for the well being of Lydia and Lord Turuseon. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Thank you all for reading and reviewing! It is all greatly appreciated ^_^!