Cursed Blood

Suffocate the empty screams
that escape from my mouth
by pouring parched grains
of sand down my throat.

Throw me onto a desolate beach,
shove thunderclouds over me
and strike me with deadly bolts
of brilliant blue lightning.

Sand turns into molten lava,
thinning out to melt into
the liquid of life as it
courses through my veins.

I beg you, hear my plea,
Rid me of this cursed blood.

Slice my fingers open,
let that exquisite crimson
flow from them; have
my smoldering blood
char the beautiful Earth.

With your hands,
end my mortal pain;
Create this world anew.

So that I can live once more and
experience this pain, this cursed blood
in a different form all over again
in ecstasy…


A/N: Wow. Uh...let's just say that a bout of evilness decided to rush over me temporarily and ahem this is the result of it. This sounds creepy, even to me! (and I freakin' wrote it!) But, I still love it.

Slight revision (8/21/08): So how does it sound now? I changed the last line of the second stanza from "of brilliant blue flashes of lighting." to "of brilliant blue lighting." I also did away with the ellipses in the first line of the 4th stanza. I do know that sand immediately changes to glass when struck by the hot lightning, but I was aiming for the stage immediately in between that when it's still in a little bit of molten sand form...uh, does this form even exist? Does anyone know?