Challenge #8 - With Bite


I smiled as I wandered around the club my best friend had dragged me to. She went off with some guy minutes after we entered leaving me to fend for myself even though she knew that I hated clubs.

I walked around a bit more then sat down at the bar near to the front of the place and ordered a beer. I decided to just stay here for however long it took Sheri, my best friend, to get bored of the guy she was now dancing with.

I zoned out a bit until a another drink was placed in front of me, I looked up and said, "I didn't order anything else," motioning towards the half full glass of beer in front of me.

"I know," replied the bartender, "but its courtesy of the man right over there." The bartender pointed at a man that was now approaching me. He was tall and had black hair that fell in his vivid green eyes. He was very attractive, and I doubted that someone in him would be remotely interested in me but I hoped he was.

"Hello," he spoke in a deep irresistible voice; I was definitely in lust with him. "What has a girl like you sitting all alone?"

"I don't know, maybe the same thing that has a guy like you without a girl on your arm," I replied.

"Well, I know a solution to both of our problems," he flirted back.

"Do you? Now what would that solution be?" I smiled up at him.

"Well, you could be the girl on my arm, and then you wouldn't be sitting alone anymore," I was very surprised that he was attracted to me. It wasn't as if I was ugly, but I thought myself as plain. With long straight brown hair and brownish eyes.

"I suppose that would work," I told him, getting up and entwining my arm in the one, he offered me.

"Good, now let's dance." And with that, he dragged me out onto the dance floor. I saw Sheri, giving me a surprised look. I was not usually the type of person to go and dance with complete strangers, but I also got drunk very easily so that probably has something to do with it and his attractiveness.

We danced for a few songs and it was amazing. He then insisted for us to go and get something to eat at the café across the street. I was hesitant but agreed. Calling Sheri and telling her that I would get home by myself… maybe.

"So it just occurred to me that I don't now your name," I said with a smile.

"Samuel Sanders and yours is?" He told me in his amazing voice.

"Lilly Lewis," I said still smiling, and I began to look at the menu.

I turned the waiter who had now came to our table, "I'll have a chocolate chip cookie and a hot chocolate."

"I'll have that as well," Samuel told the waiter.

So we ate our cookies and drank our hot chocolate, Samuel paid the bill.

"I'm not ready for this day… uh night to end yet, so lets go walk in the park, okay?" he suggested.

"Sure," I agreed. He hailed a taxi, and we started to walk around the park, five minutes later and I was pressed against a tree, his lips covering mine. At times over the night, I had fantasized over what his kisses would be like, but the real thing was way better than I could ever imagine.

After a few moments, that felt like hours but couldn't have been more then a minute his lips left mine, I almost spoke out in protest until, his lips began trailing tiny kisses down my neck. And it was going very good and well, until I felt a sharp pain in the place that his had just been. I recoiled sharply.

"Did you just bite me?" I screeched outraged, "It's so not cool to go around biting complete strangers.

"But you're not a stranger, I know your name," he pouted, looking even more attractive then usual.

"Yes I am, you met me not even two hours ago and then you come and bite me, you just don't do that.

"Dammit, I knew that I should have waited until tomorrow."

"Waiting until tomorrow would not have changed it at all, it would still be completely not allowed." I was furious at him for biting me.

"But you have to tell me that you enjoyed it, it's not every day that you get bitten by a complete stranger right?" he asked.

"Not everyday, but why do you think that I'm hesitant about the whole meeting strangers thing. The last five people I have met in the past month have bitten me," I explained to him, still mad.

"What, you've been bitten by complete strangers before, that is so not fair. I think that I'm going to sue. Greg told me that you didn't look like someone that had been bitten before, but no all the good ones are already bitten," he ranted, leaving me severely confused.

"Wait… what?" I asked him.

"You don't know about the annual Biteathon do you?" he looked surprised.

"The Biteathon?" I questioned.

"Yeah it's this thing that tons of people do. We all pick a month that we are going to go around and bite people who have never been bitten before," he explained, the after seeing the 'you must be crazy' look I was giving him he added, "It is really quite fun you should try it sometime. You'd be surprised."

"You are insane, and I'm leaving. I am allowed to do that right. You aren't going to decide that its kill strangers that you bite month too are you?" I asked picking up my purse and getting up to leave that park.

As soon as I got back to my apartment I called Sheri's cell phone, she picked up after the first ring.

"Oh my god, you would never believe what happened to me tonight," Sheri began talking right away.

"I don't know but I'd guess that its way more believable then what happened to me," I told her laughing.

"Oh its way crazier believe me… you know that guy that I was dancing with," she asked.

"Yeah why," I replied sitting down to take off my heels.

"He bit me!" she exclaimed, "I mean we were kissing right and then all of a sudden I was bitten and then he acted like it was the most normal thing in the world, I was this close to calling the police and reporting assault."

I bursted out laughing, only because she wouldn't believe me about the other bittingness that has happened to me this past month. Now I get to do the I told you so dance for at least a month.

"Lilly, that's not funny, stop laughing." She was very mad.

Moral of the story ask the guy you are going to make out with if he's going to bite you first.


So… I did this for a SKoW challenge the requirements are below, you should go voter for it.

Challenge #8 - With Bite


1) Must be a one-shot, Minimum 1000 words.

2) Plot: Protagonist wandering around in a club, meets someone, they flirt, then dance, and the person bites protagonist. You can take it from there.

3) Must have the quote, "Did you just bite me?" and/or "Not cool to go around biting strangers!"

4) Must involve a cookie. Of some sort.

5) Large doses of humor.


1) cannibals. As much as that'd be fun to write, it wouldn't be too fun for me to read.

2) long, meaningful moments. This challenge is meant to be quick, light, and fun.