Red of passion, red of anger
Gray of apathy sinks in

Two months pass from the day
We celebrate our dying
The day we killed each other
But we were dead so long ago

Our minds were always divorced
Since our bodies told each other lies
My spirit was always dead,
And I doubt that yours was alive.
Your lust was murder to my love.
We were almost always two,
Not one.

Is it possible for the dead to again live?
Now that I have shed my skin
I've embraced a higher existence
No longer chained to another half
Or a half of a half
Stoic peace has helped me
But only Jesus heals
(+Please help me find myself again+)

But I can't forget
The memories
Into my mind

Every sinful sensation rushes back
Like unwanted blood into my corpse
Your phantom haunts my flesh
I am tortured by all the lies
I can't forget
All the pain
All the suffering-
You suffocated me
You made love to my body
Never me!

I'm callous to this business of love
But deep inside my dormant marrow
Runs memories so scarring
That all my hardening does

Is keep it all inside
Open up old wounds
And let it bleed again