The body wars against the soul
The schism and death of humanity
When self divorces self
The rape of purity by chaos
The birth of anarchy
Fierce pride usurps wisdom's authority
Wearing the royal insignia falsely
Parading about like the king of fools

I betrayed myself and wisdom;
I was murdered by my folly
My aching, empty head filled with irrationality,
I, a fleshy vassal, empty of a soul.

No better than a savage beast,
Snarling bitterly at logic
Snapping my jaws in haughtiness
Rebelling against common sense
For enslavement to sensation
Consumed with base passions,
A dangling puppet to lust,
Burning in my filthiness.

Fallen, cheapened, seeking more fleshy excitement,
More pain, more ecstasy, more thrills, more edge
Finding famine in what once more than enough
The feast now lain out for my devouring
Is full of rot, dead things I had destroyed
Losing flavor of truth as the tongue begins to adapt
The fruit of the body's works

Suddenly, a golden lion appears,
Whose presence makes my bones tremble
Whose brightness terrifies my senses
Whose color blinds my eyes
Bringing me to a realization
Of my smallness
Fear grips me like death's blanket
The lion hunts me as its prey
I try to run, though it is obvious
I am weak

Never surrender!
Never give in!
My battle cry begins to disintegrate
I hold on to sifting sand
The massive hunter easily corners me,
And its warm breath causes me to swoon
I wait for death to take me.

But there stood instead the whitest lamb, stained with blood.

My child, what have you done to me?

Shame fills me for the first time
I have sinned.
The wilderness had dulled my senses
To all I had murdered for thrill
Shame, guilt, sickness, pain, incredible shame
Suddenly the burden overwhelms me


My soul screams to find itself again
Frantically the world tears itself apart
Crashing at my feet
I fall asleep

I awake transformed,
Human again, with wisdom by my side
In a new world with color
And love fills the sky like sunlight
Wisdom had conquered the usurper
Now seated in its rightful place
I am in the kingdom of the Lamb

I choose to be a lowly vassal
Loving much in my gratefulness
For forgiveness and mercy
Yet feeling imperfect
Still not yet healed
Dependent on the master for healing
Too weak to be alone
Lest I fall to rebellion again