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Within the deep recesses of his eternal slumber he never fathomed he would once again be forced awake.

Such fiery and boiling passions burnt in the pit of his belly as it hadn't in over five or six centuries. He knew what these passions were for and how to satisfy them. However they also angered him.

No longer did he have to worry about feeding every night to satiate his thirst. Being an ancient immortal, he no longer had to give in to such annoying tendencies. That was his problem though...he was so ancient. And being so old in centuries, the immortal was not just tired but exhausted.

Growing weary of living he had hidden himself far away from all other contact with any immortals or mortals alike. Enjoying the solitary confinement he had placed himself in he knew the only way to ever get over these passions was to reveal himself once more to the world and claim the one who would guide him through to the other side of finding total bliss...

Dark strands of hair whipped in the breeze as the young woman adjusted the shoulder strap of her bag. A faint flash of yellow in the corner of her eye caused her to face it and quickly run towards it holding up her hand and waving as her voice yelled softly "Taxi!"

Coming to an abrupt halt the taxi pulled over to the curb where she stood. Sighing in relief to find a taxi so late at night she grasped the cold handle and pulled open the back door.

Sliding across the old leather she made herself comfortable on the seat, placing her purse in her lap.

"Where to?" the middle aged taxi driver asked, turning his gaze over his shoulder to stare at the girl.

"16th and Brown Oak," she mumbled as she leaned forward and clutched the bridge of her nose in a gesture to calm herself.

Of course her deep thoughts were interrupted as the taxi driver attempted to make idle chit chat. She knew he was being polite of course, but it still annoyed her so.

"You know miss, you were lucky to find a taxi so late. It's almost three in the morning," he said in a gruff but still kind voice.

"Yeah," was all she responded, wanting to end this pointless conversation as soon as possible.

Digging through her purse she finally saw a glint of silver on the very bottom beneath some pens and old granola bar wrappers.

"Finally," she sighed in relief, grasping her cell phone and flipping it open.

7 new messages flashed across the screen as it lit up. Curiously she pressed down on the green button and her texts opened. The first three were from friends at work asking what bars she was headed to the following night.

The last four were from an unrecognizable number. "Who is 233-3345?" she thought in confusion as the first text opened itself up.

Call me. That was all it said. She shook her head, she never returned calls unless she knew the number.

The final three texts were from the same number. They all read the same except the last one.

Call me Layla. This is my new number. My last few messages messed up because this phone is new. We need to talk. -Karl

Layla groaned and shook her head, tucking loose hair behind her left ear with a trembling hand. It had been four weeks and he still didn't get it. Layla never wanted anything to do with Karl again, but he continued to pester her. Nervously Layla rubbed her left wrist as memories flashed through her mind.

"And just where the fuck have you been?" Karl roared as soon as Layla had entered her apartment and set her keys down on the table by the door.

Startled Layla dropped her purse, its contents spilling all over the floor. Karl did not even pay attention as he stepped onto a tube of chap stick, cracking its lid.

"Karl...what? How did you get in?" Layla gasped out as she crouched down and picked up her wallet and a pocket size pack of Kleenex.

Annoyed that she wasn't paying him full attention, Karl grabbed her roughly by her shoulders and forced her to stand.

"Let go of me!" Layla growled, pulling herself away from him.

"Where have you been?" he asked again, in a deadly tone.

Afraid of his temper, Layla wanted to stay calm but that was becoming a problem as anger overtook her.

"Karl how the hell did you get into my home?" she asked him, putting on a brave front as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I was worried! I called your house, your cell, your work number! I kept getting your voice mail! I drove by your apartment four times, the lights were always off! Do you know what I have been through tonight worrying about you?" he asked in anger.

"It's called having a social life. I was at Finley's tavern with Sam and Jill," Layla huffed out angrily. "I didn't know you would go to such extreme tactics to find me. My cell died at work and I wasn't far from home so I didn't worry about it being dead. Now how did you get in?"

"I was worried so I told your super you were sick at the hospital and needed some things from home and he gave me the spare key," Karl said in an annoyed tone. Suddenly his eyes narrowed, "Who is Sam?"

"Oh Karl, don't give me that look. Sam is Samantha Mills from the seventh floor at work. You are so possessive, it creeps me out. I don't know if I can do this anymore if you continue to behave this way!" Layla threw her arms up in the air in a frustrated gesture.

"What do you mean you can't do this anymore? Do what?" Karl asked, taken aback.

"Be with you Karl! We have only been dating barely a year and you act as if I should be locked away in some tower waiting for you to rescue me. It's ridiculous how possessive you are," Layla said angrily, crossing her arms over her chest once again.

"You wouldn't break up with me..." Karl hissed at her.

"Oh really? And why wouldn't I?" she said, stepping to him in a challenge.

"Because I wouldn't allow it!" he yelled, grabbing her wrist and pulling her closer.

"Let me go Karl! You're hurting me!" Layla screeched. She tugged in a futile attempt to get away.

"You will never ever leave me Layla. If you do I swear to god I will make your life so miserable," Karl threatened.

"We are over!" Layla yelled into his face. The way he was acting was on the verge of insanity.

"What did you say?" he asked in shock, his grip loosening on her wrists.

"I said we are over!" she repeated herself in a loud, strong voice. Karl lashed out in anger and pulled her to him too roughly as he basically raped her mouth with his own. He pulled on her fragile wrists too hard and she cried in pain into his mouth as a nasty, sharp snap was heard ringing in her own ears and he had broken her left wrist.

"...iss, Miss!" the taxi driver grunted over his shoulder. Startled and shaken out of her memories, Layla turned to stare at the man.

"What?" she asked in a tired tone.

"We are here," the man said in an annoyed droll. "How much will it be?" Layla asked, grabbing her wallet.

"Ten dollars and fifteen cents," the man calculated as Layla pulled out a twenty. She wanted nothing more than to be within the warmth safety of her apartment.

It rattled her to the very core that Karl had found out her new phone number. She had changed it just last week to avoid talking to him. However once Karl was determined to do something, he would never stop. No matter how many times she changed numbers, Layla knew in the back of her mind he would always find her.

"Keep the change," Layla said as she shoved the twenty into the man's rough hand and grasped her bag tightly, her keys in her other hand and she exited the taxi and hurried towards the front doors of her apartment building.

Running his long fingers through his thick hair, he shook all the dust from it with ease. He was just as clean as the day he had entombed himself away from the world. Well his body was...his clothes were tattered and almost to the point of falling off his pale form.

The immortal sat up and his stark white face stared at the dark span that surrounded him. How he loved being alone, the darkness, and the complete and utter silence. However the burning sensation once again flowed through his veins and he knew he could no longer be alone if he wanted to satisfy his need.

Grunting in annoyance he eased himself into a standing position, his bones cracking as they once again were forced to hold the weight of his frame. It had been so long since he had even stood up.

Arching backwards, his spine cracked itself and he sighed in pleasure as his bones and body loosened up.

Once he was feeling more relaxed and awake he walked with ease through the darkness towards the way out of his secret lair. Now was the time to go and find his chosen.